Delta State

Imacon Color ScannerThis morning I decided to use the brainwave entrainment delta frequencies in today’s meditation. I don’t usually use the delta frequency because delta is the frequency that our brains go to during normal sleep. Since I had a good night’s rest I didn’t think that the delta frequency will yield any benefit. Now for those of you who want to engage in meditation it is better to be rested because if you do not get enough sleep or are tired once you relax the body it is likely that you will end up in normal sleep. It is not a bad thing; after all having enough sleep is beneficial to our mental and physical health. So if your meditation efforts put you to normal sleep, then you know what area needs to be improved before you can progress in your meditation practice.

med hertz

Now the last time I used the delta brainwave entrainment frequency I got some pretty interesting results. I wonder what the effects will be this time. I went through the motions while listening to the frequency tap. Then the images that I was on some sort of medical examining table started to appear. Then to my surprise I saw the alien beings looking down on me. To my left I saw a bright light; I said to myself, “no fucking way, it looks like these beings are coming for me. I wonder if they are here in real time.” The good thing about meditation is that there is no paralysis that accompanies the subjective experience takes place. This means one can move their limbs at will. So I lifted my leg and move my arms to come out the meditative state. I looked to my left and saw that there was no light and the room was dark. Oh, I should have known that there would be no changes after all the experience was subjective. Perhaps a hidden memory, perhaps a fragment of my imagination or my energetic body was accessing another dimension. Whatever it was I quickly got back into the state and the images, sound and feelings picked up where it left off.

med aliens

So I was being observed and examined by alien entities, which I felt violated and did not appreciate what was happening, so my next urge was to put up resistance. I got violent with the entities, I grabbed the overhead light and broke it and threw it at them. I would not let them hold me down. Then unfortunately I lost the battle, I was held down with restraints that looked like metal rope. It was rope made out of metal, I was tied down then one of the aliens communicated with me and said that they are going to put what looked like an organic embryo and attach it to my appendix. The aliens want the embryo to survive so it has to be attached to me for a time period. To keep me from feeling pain while thy cut open my side they inserted needed in my right side of my chest’s pecs. They said they are doing this so that I will feel pain in one area of the body, I would not feel pain in the other area. I actually felt the sensation of pain as if needles were being inserted in my right pecs, while the aliens inserted the organic embryo. Then suddenly they all disappeared.



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