Voice Team


voice team

Can you imagine the Earth being polluted to the point where the politicians agree that it is not fabricated by a corporation looking to cash in on pollution cleanup programs? What will be the human initiative? Perhaps a man made machine created to clean up the environment and to take matters in their hands to prevent and remove the threat of anything that will pollute the Earth after the cleanup. Machines aren’t intelligent enough to make that distinction. So, it is up to man to create artificial intelligence to put in the pollution cleanup machines.

After cleaning up the Earth the machines concluded that the main threat to polluting the Earth is man. The machines began to wage war on man eradicating man in their effort to get rid of the pollutants. Eventually man left the Earth’s surface and begin to live underground in a complex series of tunnels and shafts. But the resistance against the machines continues, with the goal to take back the Earth. The resistance teams are led by a mysterious entity called “Voice.” The Voice communicates with the team through transmitted messages in the inner right ear of the team leader.

Does this theme sound familiar? Well it should if you liked watching that short lived science fiction show Cleopatra 2525. I don’t know about you but I liked  that show. So now I’m shouting out to all you Cleopatra 2525 fans.



  1. I had forgotten about that television show, I recognized the featured image for this post but I could not remember the name of the show or the characters or much about it, thank you for bringing back a few memories True George.

    For some reason I think that I remember seeing a video clip from this show online a few years ago or less for the first time in years.

    -John Jr

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