Cold Touch


ice touch


Having the thought that I am not as relaxed as I was couple of years ago I pondered what I was doing then that I am not doing now. Well, I recognized that I am not engaging in any type of meditation or body relaxation exercise as I once done. My self-response was “no, shit Sherlock.” O.K I decided to make a commit and put back meditation as a regular practice in my life. I dust off my I-pod which has the brainwave entrainment beats; I put it on and started the guided mediation. All is good; the body asleep, the mind awake, inasmuch as I have not done this in a while it feels like I started where I left off. The mind at ease, then suddenly I felt the touch of cold fingers hold my wrist. It startled me because it was unexpected. I thought it was my Nephew who just came from outside and was attempting to get my attention. Once I felt the code touch and being startled I came out of the meditative state only to find that there was no one in the room.
So now I realized that it was a spirit, what was the motive? Reminding me to get going otherwise I will not make it to my class on time? Or was it a malevolent spirit playing games, having fun to see if it can break my meditative state? Well whatever the motive was, I suddenly remembered one of the unintended side effects of meditation. That is a becoming sensitive to the unseen to the point where communication and perception of touch is possible. The next thoughts were “you are aware of this; it is nothing new to you. Your challenge is to get past paying attention to the earth bound spirits and to get to the next level.”


  1. Hello True George,

    Did the cold touch feel like a hand or something else?

    Did it feel like something/someone was gripping you or just lightly touching you, and could you feel the pressure of the grip or touch?

    -John Jr


  2. The state of meditation does leave you more open. Glad to know that you’re trying to re-cultivate old positive habits. Be sure to get a feel for bad and good spirits because, from my experience, they have very different physical reactions to us humans. I think it might have been a malevolent one…

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