Debt Collecting



The past and future came together again and molded a story line that was based on two actual proposals. I was given an offer that I could refuse; if I accepted then it would have taken me down a dark path. A road that will take you to the under world where there are many opportunities and the compensation would be more then you make doing a 9 to 5 and not giving up 45% of it to the government. That is if you are willing to sell your soul and it may eventually get you to visit Rikers Island on your way up the river to Sing Sing.

I had dreamed that I was back in high school; I was going to class and when I had opened the classroom door, someone threw a chair at me. The chair hit me, and when it did it made me very mad; so I started to look for the person who threw the chair. I suspected who the person was who threw the chair. That person always said that he can beat me up so I picked a fight with him to see what he could do; it ended up with me beating him up. A thug that called himself Dezo who I went to High School with appeared in the dream. He said that the boy did not mean he could beat me up personally, he meant that he will get his home boys and they all will gang up on me and beat me up. Now that I have beaten up the boy I was going to be jumped.  Dezo said that I need protection, and that he can provide it. But before he can protect me I need to help him out. Dezo wanted me to back him up, and help him collect some debts. It turned out that he lent money to people and that they have trouble repaying him back; and since I was bigger than he was he wanted me to help him collect the debts. He will show me who owed the money and tell me what to do if that person didn’t have it. First we went to a man and demanded payment; he had the money so there was no problem.  Then we went to a female and demanded what she owed. She did not have the money and did not pay on time; so Dezo told me the first thing to do is to slice her face; and the next time when the money is due and if she still did not pay, I was to beat her up.  After that Dezo said now that you know what to do, I expect you to go and collect the money by yourself. I felt that I did not want any part of this thing of his…..

The dream ended without any resolution…

The dream was clear because in realty I did receive the offer that I could choose to refuse. First, when I was in High School there was a dude that called himself Dezo. We had a mixed relationship that bordered on the brink of being explosive. I wouldn’t call him a friend but an adversary, we were cordial one minute and conflicted the next.  He lived in the projects that was across the street from the High School. He appeared to be a thug always hanging with a group of hard rock guys; if you mess with one of them you mess with them all. The reason why I just didn’t punch Dezo in the face. Well this dude constantly kept on badgering me to help him mug somebody. He used to say all I had to do is hold the person while he do the robbing. I didn’t trust him and wanted to play no part in the scheme and I refused to go along with it….

Now the second offer that I could refuse came along a couple of years after I graduated from high school. I met this dude from Ecuador early in my years as a gov’t bureaucrat and learning how corrupt the system is. He used to lend money to co-workers and they used to pay him back with interest. Since we were hanging out after work he confided to me what he did on the side. He told me that he not only loaned money to co-workers he loaned money to anyone that needed it and charged interest. Some would re-pay without any problem and others do not pay so he have to go and look for them. He said that he would hire an illegal Immigrant and let the illegal do whatever was necessary to collect what is owed. The good thing about the illegals was that they are in a desperate situation and are willing to do anything for a couple of dollars; and if they have to do anything dirty that can disappear. He said that some co-workers and some of his neighbors owed him a total of $100,000 in debts. He doesn’t want to be heavy handed with the caliber of people who owed the money they are too close to him for him to send an illegal to do the collection so he took it as a lost; but he would prefer to go and collect the debt because of the principle. He offered me the opportunity to collect the money and that I can keep 100% of what I collect since those debts were written off as a lost to him.  It sounded like I would have to twist arms or put a gun to their heads. I said thanks for the opportunity but no thanks.

As to why both of these experiences came together and constructed the dream is beyond me….

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