Dominican Real Wives

dominican wives

A not so traditional look at the lives of stay at home housewives was done in a show called Desperate House Wives that used to be on prime time television every Sunday. After the success of that show reality based “wives” shows started popping up. It is called the Real Wives series; the originals are The Real Wives of Orange County, The Real House Wives of New York City, The Real Wives of Atlanta;  The Real Wives of New Jersey,  The Real House Wives of D.C The Real Wives of Beverly Hills, The Real House Wives of Miami, The Real House Wives of Potomac and The Real House Wives of Dallas.   lots of female drama, some may even say that the women on the Real Wives series are tacky, classless gold digging connivers. Honesty I don’t know what kind of man will put up with their wife being on these types of shows. I can truly tell you that you wouldn’t see a wife of mine parade herself around on a Real Wife show no matter how much money is offered, I will oppose it.

But all is not lost I came across some Real Wives that makes the women on the mentioned Real Wives series seem boring. I’m talking about The Real Dominican Housewives… what is it about Dominican women besides them giving you the overwhelming desire to make love to them. They are hilarious and make things interesting; it is their nature. They could be a Bliss  unlike the ones on the real wives series but just don’t get mixed up with a gold digging conniving Domincana; if you do then you’re fucked…..



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