Family Fight


fight ii

A family had there usually gathering during the evening. All was well and everyone was contented. Then the parents said to the children that they have some news to tell them. There were four children in all; all of the children were not small or in their teens. They were all grown young men and women. Yet, they have not moved on to establish their own households. Maybe it was the economy or maybe they weren’t ready to go out of their safe and loving environment to face the big cruel world. Whatever the reason was they were there. So now the parents are making an announcement. They said that they are going to take in two under privilege kids to care for them since they have no one to care for.
The siblings looked at on another. They thought why would their parents do that? So, the parents told the children that they are big now and they don’t need the attention they got when they were growing up. Then as the parents were telling them the reason why they would want to raise two under privilege there was a knock on the door; when the door was opened it was the two under privilege kids. The agency sent them to go meet the family.
When the door was opened the children expected to see pre-high school under privilege children, but they saw two boys who were at least 16 or 17 years old. They looked rough like gang bangers. The children demanded an explanation from their parents, those aren’t kids and it looks like they are ready to age out of the system. The parents were explaining their position as best they could. But their second born Joel was particular livid. He said to his father, Daddy I don’t usually criticize your decision whether they are good or bad. I think you and mom have lost your minds. This notion of taking in these under privilege boys is foolishness and I don’t think it is a good idea or in your best interest especially when both of you are getting up there in age.
He was adamant that they should not take on the reasonability. The father told him that it is his decision and that he must deal with it. The Joel said he will not stay in the house and put up with the silliness. With that he packed up his stuff moved out of the house and went to make his mark in the world. But he was so pissed off at his parents he never bothered to keep tabs on them when he left.
So now we flash forward to a couple of years down the line. The Joel decide to go and visit the family home. When he got to the family home he saw that his siblings have moved on. But the boys that the parents taken in was still there. But things did not look right. He was watching the oldest of the under-privilege boys Jim interact with the mother. Then to his horror Jim the boy that his parents taken in to give them a better life and new opportunities hit her. The Joel got up and started to put a beating on this ungrateful bastard. He beat the ingrate up so badly that an ambulance had to be called.
Now that the cops were on the scene no arrests were made and the mother was turned over to the custody of Adult Protective Services until a judge rules on the case. Joel was given a desk appearance ticket where a Judge will decide whether Joel will go to jail or go free.
So now the judge wants answers. Even though the boy who was underprivileged hit the old woman he was not arrested because of the extent of the injury. In the court disposition the second born partitioned for his mother to come back and live with him and his family once the mess was sorted out.
Jim had a pretty good Lawyer who decided to go for the juggler vain. The Lawyer put on the case that Joel walked out on the family upon inception of Jim & his brother Sam being brought into the household and now that the father is dead Joel came back to the family house under the guise of coming to look for his mother to come and put Jim & Sam out and take control of the inheritance money and property. He painted Joel as being a deranged monster. Even in the cross examination the Lawyer was only emphasizing he only wants the money.
On the stand Joel asserted that he was not here for the money; and now he dropped a bombshell on the court. He said that unknown to the family his daddy got in touch with him and asked him to be the executor of his will. He did not trust the other siblings to manage his affairs after he crosses over. Joel said his daddy said that his wife does not have the skills and that his other children (Joel’s siblings) and Jim & Sam would over run her and everything will be gone within five years. Joel said that my daddy said that I proved my worth when I went and established myself outside of the house. So, my daddy signed over power of attorney to me and instructed the Lawyers to keep it a secret.
Now when my daddy finally crossed over it left me in control of everything. I approve and sign off on whatever money anyone gets from the estate. This includes the allowances and whatever happens to the properties. I knew what is going on financially; I knew when my siblings left leaving the Jim & Sam with my mother. Oh, by the way I have complete access to my share of the inheritance.
Now I go check up on my mother to see if everything is all right and I see this ingrate hit my mother; so he had to suffer the consequences. He should be the one on trial. But at the end of the day those under privileged brats are the ones who are there for the money. None of them has taken the opportunities and make something of it. They are now just free loaders mooching off my mother’s allowances from the estate. Typical welfare mentality; my suspicions about them from the beginning was right on. There is no excuse for hitting the person who is the reason for you to have what you have. Even if you get frustrated caring for them in their old age. As he spoke his words there was a tear drop in the judge’s eye and he was completely captured.
With all what was said, the case against Joel fell apart and he was acquitted of all charges and adult protective services released his mother into his custody. As for Jim &Sam they were only under privileged in the mind. Now they are on their own hopefully making something of themselves.

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