The Message


This is one of those experiences that neither qualify as a regular nor lucid dream. It was an astral projection I believe it was more of an assisted astral projection rather then a spontaneous; assisted by unseen forces for the reason to deliver a message.

While laying down and being in a rested state I had heard a noise; it sounded like a voice that was on a radio; the buzz and the voice fading in and out when a radio is in between stations and need to be fine-tuned.

In my research on remote viewing, I’ve come across information that described what I was hearing. The information suggested that those type of  noises were a cue indicating that you are in the condition or state were you could are having an out of body experience. Remembering the information I put the suggestion in my mind to letting the spontaneous astral projection take place. After a while I felt the sensations that I was projected out of my body.

When I was out of the body, I heard a voice (can’t determine if it was external or within my head) that said that I will meet someone and I that should tell him to rest in peace. It turned out that the person whom I was supposed to meet had physically died, and his spirit or emotional body was wandering around. The voice told me to tell the spirit that it was all right and that he should just rest. There were other events that also happened, but the events that took place is not clear. However when I did meet up with this spirit person it was confrontational and he was the adversary. I told the spirit what I was instructed to tell him that he had died and that it was time for him to rest. At first he did not listen, but after a while I finally got through to him. Once the spirit accepted what was told to him and he decided to stop being an adversary and to rest. The spirit then disappeared from the scene once he accepted the message that he should rest

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