Cab War


I had dreamed that I was in my post teenage years and I told my friends that I was going to a party; but my friends wanted to go to another party then the one that I wanted to go to because I did not know if we had to pay to get in the party. I ended up going to the party by myself. When I got there it turned out that the party was free.  The party was in a building that looked like a multi-story building. Inside the building it resembled the hallways of my High School.  I was listening to the music play and I went from floor to floor.  I had saw some females that I know in real life; however I did not know them in the dream. Since I was not hanging out with anybody that I knew I had left the party early at midnight in dream time.

When I left the building and I was walking along in the street; I had the feeling that the street that I was on represented Flatbush Ave even though it did not look like Flatbush Ave in reality. . I came across an iron frame fence I climbed the fence to get to the street. When I was on the street I decided to take a taxi to go home. There were two taxies at the stopped light, one was a late model car and the one other was an older model car.  I had hailed the cab; one of them stopped on the left side of the street. I did not want to take that cab but since it stopped I’ll take it. Then the other cab stopped; this cab stopped on the right side of the street. The second cab stopped beside of the first cab. I could see that both cab drivers were Sikh Indians; they started to argue; the cab on the right side of the street told the one on the left side of the street that he knew that I was his costumer and he should not have stopped.  I could see that the cab driver on the left side of the street was in the back of the cab of the one on the right side of the street. The driver of that cab had a gun in his hands, had he shot the cab driver that moved into his cab.

At that point I was a witness to the shooting; I decided to ran away because I did not want the cab driver to think that he had to get rid of the witness.. I ran up the street and tried to hail another cab; but there were no taxi cab in sight. Since there were no cabs in sight I decide to take the subway; as I was going through the subway entrance, someone tried to hit me from behind with a baseball bat. I managed to catch a glimpsed of the bat and I moved out of the way before it struck the back of my head.

It turned out that the person wielding the bat was hired to take me out. I did not know who the person who wanted to take me out.  I recognized that he wanted to attack me because I had shown fear because I did not want to become a victim of the cab driver with the gun who may want to silence any witness to the shooting; it was the reason why I ran away. I thought to myself that this is the subway and the muggers in the subway usually target the weakest person, and I’m not a weakling. Then I took the bat away from the person who tried to hit me with it, and I went to the person who hired him and asked that person “who are you?” Then I beat him up; I wanted him to see who he was dealing with, and that he had made a mistake…

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        • I witnessed many fights and sometimes was participating in fights growing. It was a norm to fight peers and other even friends. But the thing with friends was you have a conflict you fight one another if it comes to it and the next day the friendship continues
          I also witnessed the deaths of people and other random violence in Iraq…..
          I recently came to recognize that violence isn’t just physical it could be mental. In fact there are more mental violence being perpetrated then physical. Mental violence is more lethal then physical violence because you can’t see the damage……

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          • Hello True George,

            Thank you for sharing that, I am sorry to hear that you had to experience and see some of that stuff, and I agree that mental violence can be more lethal than physical violence sometimes.

            -John Jr

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            • Growing up and getting into scuffles that ended up in fist fights is a norm. There were always power struggles on the playground. Individual wise and group wise plus bullies had to be be put in their place otherwise you have to give up your lunch money……
              Iraq was war and the level of violence is something you’ll never in a peaceful society with a Police force who take care of the dirty. work. I’ve witness what can happen if the Police force cannot function.
              As far as mental violence is concerned when I was a kid the saying was “sticks & stones may break your bones but words will never hurt me.” The Teachers & grown ups used to tell us that saying to defuse fist fights when another kid starts to taunt another for some reason. But the truth of the matter the words do hurt more then the fists. Gave the physically weak a way of beating the strong; Mental violence; could make you become mentally stronger or for most people break you down on some level…….

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              • Hello True George,

                I was fortunate to have not been in many scuffles growing up, but I know what you mean.

                I can only imagine, destabilized societies can become pretty nasty I imagine.

                We were told that saying as well and it is wrong, I agree with you, mental / social / emotional violence et cetera can also lead to damage that not only lasts longer and hurt more but can led to damage that you inflict on yourself with your thoughts and behaviors and beliefs et cetera based on that damage.

                Thank you for replying,
                -John Jr

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