I was in my girlfriend’s apartment; I felt drained from the day at the job; I could not get to relax in the apartment because there was too much noise. So, I decided to go to the bedroom and once I was in the bed I started to feel more comfortable. When I felt comfortable and started to relax the following happened:

I felt a presence on my left side; it was as though someone else was sleeping in the room with me. I could hear the breathing of that entity as it slept. At that point I had made it known that I did not want it to be here. I told it to go someplace else, after I asserted my will the entity left. Then as I was lying on my back, I felt as though I was being pulled upwards; I saw my feet in the air. When my feet were up in the air, I saw a light that illuminated the ceiling; the light source was my feet. Then my feet came back down. When the feet came down, I saw something that resembled a pair of eyes on the ceiling located directly opposite my face. The eyes seemed to be calling me up, shortly I found myself in the air, I was looking down at myself. As I was looking down at my body, I saw that I rubbed my hands together, then put then back under the cover. I decided to go through the apartment. I went to the living room to see if the others could see me, I went in front of my girlfriend and I waved at her; it was clear that she could not see me. I decided to test my strength. I had picked up something that resembled a piano, or it might have been that heavy wooden bureau that she has in the living room. I lifted the object over my head, I had hoped that she would have seen what I could do in this state. Again, I found out that she could not see what I was now capable of doing. I went in the hallway of the apartment, I saw three women; they were passing through the apartment and they were following a man; they told me to come with them, and they will initiate me into their organization. We passed through the bedroom, and went out to the street. I was sexual attracted to one of the women. I hung onto her, and when we were outside we had sex. When we were standing on the street there was a creature; I have never seen anything like it, at this point it is indescribable. However, I recognized the features resembled a human woman, and she had the sexual organs of a human woman, but she was not human. The man said, “look at that…” being part of the group I had to have sex with it. While having sex with it, its head was in a hole that was a building. The skin felt like a smooth plastic. After the sex was over the experience was ended, I opened my eyes. After my eyes were opened and I was fully awake; I felt totally relaxed, and energized.

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  1. Hello True George,

    That was a strange experience, thank you for sharing it.

    Was the female entity that you had sex with larger than a normal human and did it have the normal body build (humanoid shaped) of a human or was it centaur-like or something?

    -John Jr

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