Calling Dogs


 I decided to practice some self-hypnosis/meditation; this time around I am not clear what I saw in this experience. The images were blurry and some of what I saw was abstract.

I was in a room; the view of the room was not clear. I saw someone sitting on a couch to my left, and I saw what resembled large poster with a picture. I thought the poster was the T.V because the pictures on the poster appeared to be moving. Then I felt two animals come into the room and they started to rub their heads on my legs. When I looked down to my legs I saw that the animals were dogs. I stroked the dogs after that the dogs ran off towards my right. The picture on the poster turned into a building; I could not identify the building, I said to myself that must be the T.V; my thoughts were that I could see the program that was playing on the TV. The thoughts were irrational because in reality I never do self-hypnosis meditation with the T.V on. However I decided that I would not take any notice to whatever was displayed on the poster. There were two entities. The one that was sitting on the couch now was lying on the couch. She mentioned her name; when she said her name I wanted to make sure that I did not forget it, so I had asked her to repeat her name. She had repeated it twice, when she repeated her name, I repeated it in an effort to commit it to memory since I did not have a pen and pad with me. I remembered a dinner table was set; some other thing had taken place, which I could not remember. However the second entity was on top of a staircase. I was standing below the staircase; my arms were holding the staircase railing were the entity’s head was located. This entity asked me if she could eat; I told her that if she wanted to eat something she could. Then she took my left arm and attempted to eat it. When she had my arm and put it into her mouth, I grabbed her head with my other arm. Her teeth did not penetrate my skin; it seemed to bend as I was pulling her head towards me so that I can free my arm. After I took my arm out of her mouth, I started to beat her up; she curled up like in a fetal position like a ball; then I decided to feed her to the dogs. I called the dogs; the dogs did not appear. Since the dogs did not appear I might have just kicked her away, or discarded her, I cannot recall what happened.

The entity put me on the defensive; it is unknown if it was a test, or if the entity’s attack was intentional.  But overall I don’t know what to make of this experience; this was the strangest one that I had had during self-hypnosis meditation experience. The vision was not clear; the entities appearance was not clear, and the picture on the poster was not clear. I thought that the poster was the T.V, but when I came out of the trance, I realized that the TV was to my left, and the poster and whatever picture was on the poster was directly in front of me. Also I noticed that I was able to see the room even though my eyelids were closed. .

The thing that I want to keep in mind and to improve is a way to remember names that was given to me. Once I’m out of the experience I have no memory of names.

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  1. Bizarre. Have you tried to repeat the name over and over in your mind? Perhaps not in the forefront of your thoughts, but back a level or two. Maybe this in conjunction with some sort of word or picture association? In general, in normal waking life, I use word association techniques to remember people’s names. Or if it is a name of someone else I know, I look for a connection between the two people with the same name to help me remember

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