Amy’s Boyfriend


This is another dream that I found to be strange. There was a combination of realty and subconscious construction. I was not a participant in the dream I was watching the events:

This dream about a woman; I clearly identified her as being Amy Miser. I had the displeasure of meeting her sometime in the past. Not sure why this woman appeared in the dream; I did not get along with her and she crawled under my skin that I developed a disliking to her. I usually see women that I like or are my friends, co-workers or they are indifferent to me meaning I neither like or hate them in my dreams. But to have someone that I don’t like appear without them being victimized or be the object of violence! I can’t explain it?  In this dream it turned out that she was having an interracial relationship. The figure that represented the man who she was seeing was not clear, however I could identify that he was of a different race then Amy’s. In the dream Amy got pregnant even though she thought that she could not have any children because of her medical condition. Her friends were happy for her, but she did not want her friends to know that she was in an interracial relationship and that the father of the unborn child she was of a different race. She struggled with this problem until she finally made up her mind to go and live with her boyfriend. She asked him to pick her up; she lived at the water front, and when he came to pick her up and when Amy got in the car he backed up and went off the edge of the river bank and into the river. Yet instead of the car sinking into the river water, it was floating on top of the water. Then Amy’s boyfriend drove the car back onto the river bank and onto the road and went on the way to their destination.

I saw that somebody else made the same mistake and drove their car off the river  bank into the water. It was a bunch of teenagers; the car sunk into the water, the car was in the water for a while, and meanwhile the teenagers were still having fun underneath the water.

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