Advanced Aviation Identification


Currently the Pentagon has a policy of non- disclosure when it comes to Extra-terrestrials (E.T) and the sighting of unidentified flying objects (UFO). Recently it has come to light that $22 million dollars was spent on a relative new project. That project was called the Advance Aviation Threat Identification Program (AATIP). The program was developed 2007 at the behest of the Democratic Majority whip Harry Reid of Nevada. It was in response to a conversation that he had with one of his billionaire friends. That person was Robert Bigalow; who has a belief that the existence of UFO’s and that ET beings have made visits to our Earth. Something that a lot of people are aware of and that there are plenty of evidence that suggest that the belief is genuine. But their motive of wanting the Pentagon to study the existence is less then genuine.

First Democratic politicians have proven to be less then honorable and that whatever they do they have to get something out of it. Second Bigalow is the founder of an aerospace company. The motive is simple, Reid uses his influence to get the Pentagon to fund a research program to determine the existence of UFO’s and like most gov’t research reports it would be made public. Bigalow lobbies for a contract to develop an air craft with technology that can provide some sort of defense or other uses. Reid gets a fee for his efforts.

Out of the negativity there is something positive that comes out of this; people who are in doubt about the existence of UFO’s may re-think their position. The AATIP ended in 2012 and a civilian official Luis Elizondo  that was a managing the program resigned in protest from the Department of Defense (DOD) and disclosed on a national news show that there was excessive secrecy surrounding the program and internal opposition to it after the funding ran out in 2012. That doesn’t surprise anyone that is familiar with how the Pentagon and DOD behave. After all to them the AATIP was probably a waste of time, resources and the money could have went to other areas that need funding. Why? It is because the Pentagon and DOD have secret programs that deal directly with UFO’s and ET visits and that the US gov’t as well as foreign gov’t has direct contact with E.T’s.

Well I guess the cards concerning UFO’s are now on the table and that a hand is being dealt. Pretty soon it will be apparent what type of cards the US gov’t is holding. Time is ticking…


  1. Hello True George,

    Thank you for sharing this.

    I had read some articles about this and watched some videos about this before you made your post, and I am glad that this is being reported on.

    I wish that they had more video footage of that one UFO situation in most of these recent articles that was recorded by one or more military pilots, that object obviously had a heat signature and was detected by their equipment so it was physical and did not seem to be a random object in the sky like debris, and so that was interesting and I wish that they could have gotten better video of it from closer.

    There should be some better footage out there from a spy satellite or something, and one of the guys said that there was a fleet of them so it would be nice if the rest of the data was shared of the radar detections et cetera.

    -John Jr

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    • Military Pilots have experienced UFO sightings as far back as WWII numerous reports of strange lights watching the air battles and in Vietnam. Sometimes the air defense jets are dispatched to see who is violating US air space and when the jets reach the violating aircraft they see that it is a UFO. I’m sure the spy satellites, drones have captured them on video. The Pentagon is well aware of it…..

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      • Hello True George,

        Yep, maybe they will share a few more crumbs of that data eventually.

        If there really are some entities interacting with our world, then I wish that some of them would finally make themselves known officially and publicly and end all of this secrecy, and finally start public communication with us and that they will hopefully help us to help ourselves.

        If something like that finally happens in our lifetimes, then I hope that it is a species like the Asari ( from the Mass Effect video games.

        -John Jr

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        • According to the insiders some ET entities are already interacting; but formally they won’t make contact with the public because of treaty agreements that is made with the gov’t. The closes overt presence was when they did the fly over in Washington D.C and hoovered above the White House….
          I believe that warfare will break out; the moon is occupied and man was told they are not welcomed in 1972 and man as not been back on the moon since. There is talk about another expedition to the moon and everyone on earth feel the moon belongs to the earth. That is one reason among others…….

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