It was around 2:00pm after returning from an appointment that I had in Manhattan. When I came in I put myself in the relaxation mode while I was performing the basic movement of energy. While doing the exercise I heard the cat meowing and then I saw that the cat climbed on the boxes and was looking through the window. The room has a Plexiglas window and that allows a person to look through it from the living room and vice versa. I found that my perceptions were heightened and I could even hear the rustling of the plastic paper that was on the floor. It wasn’t long before I began to see an event; the strange thing about this event was that I found that I was also participant as well as an observant.

I saw that I entered a room; it was a bedroom, and there were three women in the room along with two men.. I saw them having sexual relations. Each of the men had their turn with the woman. Somehow it looked like the three women turned into one woman and the men were running a train. Then I became an active participant in the event. It was my turn to be with the woman. When I started to participate in the sexual activity with the woman, I realized that this may be an attempt from an extra physical being to have me engage in sexual activity to generate sexual energy for them to absorb. I remembered that I should not be enticed into doing anything these beings. Hench I stopped myself from participating in the activity and left. When I left I closed the door behind me.

 After that I found myself sitting in a chair; there were two people present; one standing on the left and one standing on the right. Then pins were being inserted into my checks and another pin was being inserted from the top of my mouth and another pin was inserted under my tongue as though an examination or experiment was being conducted.  After the insertion of the pins were done the people that were in the room with me left; when they left I took the pins out.

Now it was around 8:00 pm just before leaving to go back upstate I went into the relaxation exercise and moving the energies. After a while I found myself sitting in front of an armchair listening to someone speaking. I did not physically see the person, but I felt that the person’s presence. I suspect that there was more than one person. The person speaking was saying how they were wrong and that I had turned out to be a much different person then they had expected me to become. Then I heard that they were making a contrast of how I used to behave when I was younger, and how I behave now; and that I had come a long way. They said a couple of more things that was inaudible and I found myself asking them the question, “what did you say?” Before there was a response I was out of the trance state. Then I went back into the trance state and after a while I saw that I was back in the room with somebody. He said how I have all this room to myself and that there is nobody to share it with. He said that he will be telling the first sergeant to put some more people in the room. I told the person that I have my own reasons why I have the room available for myself.  Then while I was in the room I saw that I was being watched.  I saw that the door had gaps in it and I saw three people looking through the gaps watching me. The people that were watching looked like they were soldiers and it looked as though they were the ones who wanted to occupy the room.  I was not too pleased about this so I stopped what I was doing and I threw them out. I chased the ring leader, and when I caught him I  beat him up and told him that he will never be able to get me to give up the room. The next thing that I knew a Military Police (MP) officer tied me up. I guess I was going to be taken to the 1st Sergeant for punitive action.

I wrote about this experience immediately after it took place; while I looked at the notes of what was written at the point in time when it was written. I cannot help to conclude that the beings that were encountered in this experience were not extra physical but extraterrestrial.

 I came to the conclusion because it all points my feelings and discovery that I was being watched. First there was an enticement to get me to perform in a group sexual activity. When I refused to engage in it perhaps there was some sort of determination of my awareness by inserting pins into me to see how I will react. Later on an evaluation of how they expected me to behave did not manifest; the fact that there were observation posts and security to subdue me after becoming violent.

Now, ya’ll must be saying that True_George as lost his marbles. From what I’m hearing from people who has experienced being abducted by ET’s and those who were unwittingly part of ET experimentation and observations of ET’s who have the ability to be on a higher vibrational level (another dimension) and have the ability to interchange their presence on our dimension from their own. These are called inter-dimensional beings. They also have been known to engage in abduction and experimentation of people in our dimension.

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