I was back at the home of girlfriend #2 and as I laid down waiting for her to come into the room I was thinking about a story that I had come across. It was the true account of a family’s experience in a haunted house. It happened a couple of years ago the Patriarch was interviewed and he expressed that he unwittingly brought a haunted house and after living in the house for a while it was discovered that  there were evil spirits in the house who wanted to do harm to his family. One his teenage children said that at the time they were young whenever the evil spirits started their activity a good spirit would appear and that the good spirit used to protect him and his siblings. The good spirit used to lead them from their room and take them to their parent’s room.

For some reason I was wondering how the spirit used to make contact with the children and how it used to lead the children through that house and the fact that the children trusted the spirit. Then a picture appeared in my head; it was a scene of a door opening and once the door opened a flash of light was in the doorway of the opened door. After I saw that image girlfriend #2 came into the room and interrupted the image. I was not upset because since girlfriend # 2 was now in my presence, it was time to get down. When we were having an intermission between relations, I closed my eyes while I was lying on my side; and when my eyes were closed I saw an image of a plaque. There were some words written on the plaque I saw that I could make out what the words said. I recognized that it was a plaque that was commemorating a war. I could not see the first word which had the name of the opposing army; I saw ” …..vs evil”. Then I saw another plaque had appeared and I saw the words “The duke of…..(did not make out from where) Vs. The Army of Satan”; then a third plaque came into my view and said, “man (or something of that sort) Vs. The evil empire”; there was a fourth another plaque I cannot recall what the words on that plaque said, but that plaque was also commemorating an opposing force. Then girlfriend# 2 asked what I was I looking at and I told her “can’t you see that I am reading the words,” I did not explain to her what I meant  because I knew she would not understand….

When I went back to West Point I had saw a memorial plaque of a West Point graduate who was killed in the Korean War. There were three plaques. One plaque stated who he was, and his accomplishments as a college athlete. The other plaque distinguished his actions in Korea, and the other plaque was a replica of the Medal of Honor that he earned. I could not help but noticed that they look plaques looked familiar like the ones that I saw that night while I was at girlfriend #2’s house. The difference was the words that was written on the plaque.

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