I Stand Accused

issac hayes

The late great Isaac Hayes; yes the same artist that is famous for singing the theme sound trek for the original Shaft movie. Hayes was a pioneering artist made a record album called “I Stand Accused;” I can recall the picture of that album that my father had in his collection of records and when that picture popped into my head I swear that I could smell the scent of the vinyl record in the album’s jacket. Hell, I even have the picture of the stereo’s  needle riding the record’s sound groove as it played every time I hear this tune. The first song on the album is the theme song of the album. If you were Guilty of having some sort of feeling for somebody else’s romantic partner then perhaps one can relate to the lyrics.

Another thing that I found interested on the album is that Hayes covered a Beatles hit “Something.” He made it a soul version I guess the writer of this tune George Harrison was pleased that Hayes made the sound so smooth.


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