I was at girlfriend #2 apartment watching Poltergeist the series; also #2  girlfriend FT was being argumentive for reasons which I cannot recall; perhaps I may have to ask her to remember why she was pissed off and maybe I won’t do what she was accusing me of doing again if I knew what I’ve done. As I recall I was paying more attention to the Poltergeist series than anything else that night. It wasn’t until 5:00 am that I retired to the spare bedroom after the series was over and after the argument with FT because I did not want to be bothered with FT’s mood and didn’t feel like driving home.  As I was lying in bed entering the dream state I felt as though there was an extra-physical intrusion of some sort.

 First I thought someone or something was attached to my back, making my movement difficult. Then when I turned onto my side it felt as though I was being grabbed by my wrist as though the intruder wanted to pull me out of bed by the wrist. When I resisted I felt something like fingernails were being stuck into my forearm. Then I remembered that I have the ability of putting up a defense by moving my body’s energy around; so I started to move the energy and had some sort of relief. However I performed the energy movement action in a sloppy way, not really putting any empathizes on what I was doing. So when I stopped moving the energy the same feeling of something or someone attaching to my back continued and this time it had a stronger grip. I also felt the fingernails dig into my back.

I had laid on my back and started the energy movement back up again; this time with the intention or eradicating what I considered an extra physical attack. As I was performing the energy movement, I found that the physical body was easily rested and that I could leave the body with ease. This marks one of the easiest times that I could leave the body since last year August. As I left the body I had passed the dressing table’s mirror. I saw the reflection of the bed and of myself in the bed. Then I was back in the body. So I had to leave the body again. I had passed by the mirror and saw the same images as before. Then I left the bedroom and went into the living room to observe things there. It was as I had left it and everything was in it’s place. Then I left the apartment and went into the hall way by passing through the apartment’s door. I into the building’s elevator; in the elevator there were three people, I approached one of the people in the elevator; it was a female and she was wearing a mini skirt. I put my hands on her leg as to see if she will feel anything. After that I found myself in the street, then I went back up through the elevator and back onto the floor which the apartment is on; then I heard a voice that said that I do not belong on this floor, and I said to the voice remember I had come from out of that apartment. Then I was allowed to enter back into the apartment.

When I left the body and observed myself in the bedroom mirror; either it didn’t occur to me to see who or what is attaching itself to me or if there was anything attaching itself to me. It could have been the astral body attempting to make a spontaneous exit but the body’s energy was too dense and was not rested enough to make it happen. Thus after doing the energy movement I was able to leave the body with ease.

There was no contact with any extra physical beings except for hearing that voice. My vision in the room was restricted because the lights were off in the apartment. In the hall way and elevator the sight was better because there was lighting in those areas.

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  1. Hello True George,

    You had an interesting number of variables going on there with you watching the Poltergeist series, having an argument with your girlfriend, and then the astral projection / dream(?) experience.

    Did the woman in the mini-skirt react to your touch, and did the voice you heard sound male or female and / or familiar?

    Thank you for sharing this,
    -John Jr

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