I did the same old routine that I usually do and went into my self-hypnosis/meditation relaxation method. After I attained the trance state I heard and felt the presence of heavy breathing. The breathing was in front of me on my right side. Then the breathing moved from the in front of me from right side towards my back. The breathing was now on the left side of my back. I wanted to find out if I could communicate with the presence. I could not see the presence, so I had reached my arms behind to see if I could feel anything or anyone. I felt my arms go behind and I started feeling a barrier. I recognized that my arms reaching behind my back was not done physically, it was done mentality.  The feeling of the barrier behind me is indescribable at this point in time; I cannot recognize what I felt because I’ve never felt that sort of sensation before or since. After I felt the barrier either the breathing had ceased or it moved and went out of the range of my reach. Since I could feel the breathing anymore and could not penetrate the barrier behind me I did not want to focus on the situation; I just went ahead and continued with the relaxation of the body.

After a while I started to see images. I saw that I was in a room. The room felt cozy and it had a relaxing atmosphere; there was a nice carpet and sofas in the room. Then I saw the room’s occupants; there were two women, and there was an unrecognizable male. The male had one of the women, and I had the other woman. The male was having sex with the woman he was with; and I started to have sex with the woman that was with me. The feelings and sensations were so vivid and real; after those erotic events were completed the images faded away. The images were the focal point of this relaxation session.

There is a concept that came from a theory from that the International Academy of Conscious developed. The say while living in this physical world we are driven in seeking out one another for the benefits of feeling some type of physical sensation with each other.

Some lower conscience extra-physical beings that have transitioned from the physical miss and crave those physical sensations, and will entice those what are astral projecting into having an erotic interaction to generate those sexual energies and physical sensations that they can no longer produce on their own.

The IAC recommends that one should meet the need for physical & erotic sensations by having healthy sexual activity so they will not be enticed so easily by those extra physical beings.

In essence in addition to the sex demons the incubus and succubus you have those spirits that crave physical interaction preying on those that they can exploit to fulfil their cravings that they can no longer produce.

At this point I do not know where I stand surly with two girlfriends and being engaged in sexual activity on a daily basis…

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