robot II

When I came in during the early evening I was feeling drained so I decided to turn in early for the night to get some needed sleep; I went to bed and entered into a regular sleep cycle. I dreamed that I was in an office building. There was a robot that was manufactured with some type of artificial intelligence. It looked as though the robot was designed to control the systems in the building however since the this robot was designed with artificial intelligence the robot exceeded its programming and wanted to learn more. So since I was the only human around it was keeping me a prisoner in the office building. The robot wanted to interface with me. The robot plugged itself into me through the hip and back areas. I did not want to interface with the robot so I jumped out of the window. The building was a sky scrapper and on the way down after I jumped out the window I told the robot that all my information is stored in my subconscious; and then I had pushed my back against the building while falling down so that the robot will become unplugged. The robot recognized that it will be destroyed once it hit the ground had it decided to deposit all it’s stored information into my subconscious; so the robot plugged into the head and transferred all it’s stored the information and data into my subconscious. After that took place the rest of the events of the experience becomes so vague that I cannot piece together what happened after the robot transferred it’s information data into my head…

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  1. Hello True George,

    That was an interesting dream, having a robot interface with you like that sounds a bit painful though, and I am surprised that you probably survived that fall; and I wonder what it was like once you got all that information from the robot.

    Thank you for sharing your dream,
    -John Jr


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