It was 8:30 pm when I started doing some relaxation exercises as I was sitting down in the recliner getting into the relaxation mode I started to move the energy up and down to reach the vibrational state; at the same time I put myself into the hypnotic/meditation relaxation mode which I found that I was able to attain right away. Once I reached the vibrational state I felt myself leave the body. Since I was leaving the body, I wanted to see how far I would be able to travel just by thinking of the place where I wanted to go. In this instant wanted to see if I could be in the presence of an old friend of mine who lives in England. I thought of the person and how I remembered him. When I took off into the air traveling I was moving at a great speed; I could feel the wind on my face; I saw the treetops, and a river; the only large river around the area where I was is the Hudson River. So I recognized the river to be the Hudson. I also wanted to see if I would recognize the New York City in the air if I passed by it. However I did not pass an area with as much lights that is visible in the air like New York City at night. While observing the scenes, I noticed that my vision was not clear; my vision was very limited like it is in the physical world when I do not have my glasses on. Usually when I’m outside the body, remote view, or dream my vision would be perfect and everything would be clear. Also in this experience I noticed that the view was like I was looking through a hatch on an aircraft. Yet I could still feel the wind on my face.  I moved to go through this hatch but I could not because there was an unseen obstacle obstructing my way. Then as sudden as I left the body I was back in the body as if my return was Premature. After coming back I noticed a beam of blue light that was shining on my face….

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