Remote View


 It was around 6:00 am; because the squad is the quick reaction force (QRF) I was able to stay in bed later than usual. I did not perform any energy exercises; I just went ahead and did the self-hypnosis/meditation. When I went into state, I started to see quite a few things that flashed in my head. It was as though there were many pictures trying to come through at the same time; also it seemed as though I had a choice which picture I wanted to view. I remembered that if I wanted to view anything, I would have to have an idea of what I want to see and what location where I would like to see the image. In other words, I recognized that I would have to be more focused to view anything. I had decided to see something that I can easily verify if the images I see were valid; so I focused on seeing the building where the mess hall is located and to see if the mess hall was still open and if anyone on my squad were in the mess hall.

When I focused my mind in viewing the building the image did not come out clear. Then there was a shift of scenery.  I saw the street in front of the building where I am in; everything was in its same order with the exception of the weather. The ground was wet as if it rain had just fallen. There was half the number of the vehicles is usually parked outside.  There were no real activity taking place; just a simple observed of the area. I also saw some of my people walking around, however I did not identify anyone in particular…..

I believe this experience was a spontaneous remote view even though I did not recognize it at the point in time when this experience took place.

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