The Three


Another day has was done it is around 11:30 pm and I was back in the room but before retiring for the night I watched a Wu-Tang Clan, karate movie. When the movie was over I went into my meditation mode and started to do the basic movement of energy (BME) circulation of energy. While doing the energy exercise I heard the room door open; however, a physical person did not enter the room I recognized that it was an extra physical being and it was doing the same routine going to the bathroom. At this instance I wanted to know who the extra physical being was; whether it was the same one or different being that I perceived in the past. As the extra physical being walked towards the bathroom instead of going straight in the bathroom like other times it started pacing back and forth which was something it has never done.  I wondered if it had picked up on the idea that was floating in my head about wanting to communicate with it before I actually took action; after all the human mental thoughts also travel on a frequency level, the thoughts can be picked up by those in tuned to one’s frequency state.

 I posed a question to the extra physical being to see if I would get an answer. I asked “who are you?” Then I heard the extra physical being speak, it was a female’s voice and she mentioned a name “Mason.” I asked “what do you want.”  The answer that she gave me was not clear. Then I saw that there were three extra physical beings Mason and two others. The one that comes into the room on a regular basis, he is a male and the third one was unidentified but I had the perception that it was a female.

Mason was saying some things, whatever she was saying wasn’t very lucid  but she only allowed me to see what she wanted me to see. The other female extra physical being had very long and sharp fingernails and she was very aggressive. She had an attitude and did not want to talk to me or do anything except to sit at the edge of the bed. She did not want to identify herself by name, so I suggested that she should leave if she was going to have an attitude. However Mason said that she couldn’t leave completely because she was responsible for my aggressiveness. Any action that I took with aggression she was partly responsible for it. Then that extra physical being went into the background. Then Mason wanted to give me an example of an aggressive action that I had taken in the past.

 I saw what looked like to be a T.V. The picture that was displayed looked like a classroom full of students during my primary school years. I saw that I was crying. Then lighting flashed, which illuminated the room once the light dissipated all of the extra physical beings disappeared.

Dream: After the extra physical beings disappeared, I had resumed in doing the energy exercises. It was around 2:00am; it was a little difficult circulating the energies but after a while it loosened up. After I finished the energy exercise I went into normal sleep and dreamed that I was in my apartment when I was a teenager. I had looked at my watch; the time was 12:00 am and I decided to go to a party. I took the subway. The Subway station looked like the D train subway at Prospect Park. A female was at the subway’s entrance, before I entered into the subway, I looked at my watch again, and the time now read 2:30. I said to the female that it is too late to go anywhere. I might as well go home. When I went home, and the female came home with me.

Upon reflecting on my experience with the three extra physical beings I recognize that the point of entry of all extra physical being is through the door. I could actually hear the door open even though it does not open physically. Sometimes I have to make sure that a physical person did not open the door.  The second thing that I detected was some sort of deception on the part of Mason. She did show her face, and also I have the perception that there was not a clear sense of sincerity.

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