The Room

room II

One of the perks working for government is when they send you to an assignment you get free room and board and three meals a day as well as travel money and late model government vehicles to drive around with. But like I said before working for government does nothing for spiritual development. In my experience it hinders the spiritual evolution and direction where you want to go; sometimes you have to stand back and feel a bit of solace to those government employees whose working conditions bring them to the depths of society’s filth doing the dirty work that needs to be done so that the rest of the population can exercise their unalienable rights and live life, have liberty and engage in the pursuit of happiness.

During what I considered my working vacation I was placed in an environment where there is a restless energetic activity. There are unusual activity in certain buildings on the post and I was housed in a building that wasn’t exempted from it. Whether sensitivity was developed to it because of my energy work could be considered. But what is evident is that real experiences were happening subjectively and physically.

One such example of what I’m talking about. While engaging in practicing the movement of energy exercise in my room I heard the door open even though the physically the door did not open, the door handle rattled and the sound of the door opening was heard and when the shadowy figure entered the room the sound of the door closing.  Once the shadowy figure came into the room it went directly into the bathroom to wash up.  I attempted to keep on the same frequency to see if I can distinguish the features of that extra  physical being who entered the room; all I was able to see was just the shadowy  profile.

It was not the first time that I perceived extra physical activity in the room. The activity was the same routine. Someone enters the room, then they go to the bathroom, afterwards they go to the area where my roomie’s bed is located and they rest. Since I’ve started to have more control of the energy movement at this location, I have been exteriorizing my energies in the room to with the hopes of cleaning it out. At this point effects remain to be seen.

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