Devil’s Dog

devil dog

At this point I was doing some sort of energy work on a regular basis. Doing energy work and attaining the vibrational state on a regular basis you tend to attract both physical and extra physical people into your vicinity. For whatever reason why they would be attracted to you is another matter.

I was in the van resting, the person who was in the van with me left to go and do something and since I’m waiting on him to get back, this gave me the opportunity to do some energy work. For some reason at that point in time an idea popped into my head to do the basic energy movement with the goal of creating a protective energy barrier. After I started the process of moving the energy; I saw someone causally walk up to the front of the van. It was a man and he was dressed in a costume. The costume was a blue velvet devil suit, the kind that people dress up in at Halloween.

My first thought was that the dude was crazy to wear such a customer in this heat and I wonder what he wants.  I stopped doing the energy movement and actually opened my physical eyes to ask him what does he want, however I did not see physically see anyone around. I then realized that the man was an extra physical conscience and that I saw him through my Para-eyes. I then resumed moving the energy up and down and after a few minutes I must have matched the same frequency as before because the man in the blue devil suit appeared again and he was still standing in front of the van. This time my lucidity was clear; I recognized I was observing him through the para-eyes, and that the physical eyes were closed down while I was performing the movement of the energy. The man in the Devil’s suit put his face on the van’s window shield. His face was full of red spots and boils, and he looked threatening. He could not enter the van because the energy that was produced acted like a shield, which he could not penetrate. Then he summoned a big black dog. The dog went to the driver’s side door, and tried to get in, again I was thinking like I was in the physical world, and locked the door.  However I realized that that action would not stop the dog, so I got an idea to exteriorize some energy to act as another protective shield against the dog. I found that this measure worked, the dog could not penetrate where I directed the energy.

Then I saw that the bottom of the van had a hole where the floorboard is supposed to be and before I could create an energy shield the dog got through. When the dog came in the van he started to bite my right hand. When the dogs bit the hand I immediately made an effort and exteriorized a concentration of energy on the dog; when I had done that the dog became weaker and the bite did not have any effect. The dog became so weak, that his jaw became brittle and I pried the dog’s mouth to the point where the dog’s jaws broke. When that happened the dog disappeared and the man in the devil’s suit was no longer around.

In my opinion, I had recognized that I had defended myself against a possible intrusion.

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