Being in an environment like a Nursing home or some other type of residential housing where the turnover of resident leaving the program is because they have passed away or they commit suicide on the premises. It can be a scary place to work during the wee hours of the night. Jimmy didn’t think anything of it; he has the attitude of the residents having one foot in the grave and whatever happens happen. Maybe it is a good attitude for  an employee who works in an environment where death is the norm; they may have the prospect of going upstairs to a resident’s room and find the resident’s dead body on the floor or bed because either they died of some aliment, or as a result of blowing their own heads off.

Not a pretty sight, plus between the Police as the first respondents, the Emergency Medical Service (EMS) to legally pronounce death  and medical Examiner’s office to remove the body and take it to the morgue; it takes hours. During those moments it is a very stressful period on the supportive residential house staff. In any event when the body is removed and taken away, the room where the death occurs is renovated and all evidence that a death took place in the room is cleaned out and prepared for the next resident.  The next person who occupies the room will have no clue of what took place in that room unless someone spills the beans. For the staff, once the body is removed, it is business as usual, they don’t expect to see the person who died again unless they go to the viewing at the funeral; that is what Jimmy thought.

Jimmy was on the late shift in the medication room He had to get the meds ready to dispense to the residents come 7:00am; it was not even 1:00am and jimmy has already got everything ready for the morning dispensing of medication. So now he can have some me time since there will be nothing to do until 7am. Jimmy decides to dim the lights sit back and use the desk’s reading lamp to catch up on reading a book. The only noise he hears is some of the residents talking in the common hallway. While Jimmy was holding his head down and his attention focused on the book he is reading he felt a presence, as if one of the resident came into the room and walked over to him. Jimmy said to himself, why they don’t just go to bed. But when he looked up to see who entered the room, there was no one in sight. Jimmy surged his shoulders and went back to reading his book. After a few minutes Jimmy felt another presence, this time the presence brushed past his ear, it felt as though someone  flicked his ear while they walked past. Jimmy brushed off his ear and bowed his head back into the book.

Not even a couple of minutes later Jimmy not only felt a presence he now sees an apparition walk up to him, dumbfounded Jimmy recognized that he now has a spirit on his hands. Well he has heard that if you acknowledge the spirit and ask it what it wants then they would leave on their own accord. Jimmy asked the spirit what do you want? Then Jimmy heard the spirit’s answer in a soft whisper “stop the pain.” Then another apparition came in the room and said the same answer that the first spirit gave; “stop the pain.” Well Jimmy has no idea how to stop their pain, so he asked “what can I do to stop the pain?” Then Jimmy realized that he messed up; he has now obligated himself to resolve the spirit’s issues. Now you know that a spirit can become aggressive and make your life a living hell if you don’t fulfill your end of the bargain. For Jimmy it was unintended perhaps he blurted out the offer of help to stop the pain because he is on a supportive staff looking after vulnerable people so that instinct kicked in. But it is no excuse not to put his brain in gear before engaging his mouth.

So now that he obligated himself he may as well ask these spirits to give him an insight on how to stop their pain because Jimmy certainly does not have the answers. So Jimmy asked How can I stop the pain? Jimmy heard a soft whisper that sounded like Ambien, Xanax, and Benadryl…what! How is it that these spirits are asking for medication?  Jimmy realizes that the spirits are either from residents who have died and is still stuck on the earth’s plane or that since the environment has so many people who depend so much on medication, prescription or otherwise, it has attracted some malevolent  spirits who have attached themselves to the residents. These spirits are sick and need help crossing over. First Jimmy said to them go into the light and the pain will stop. The spirits did not listen to him and kept on whispering “stop the pain.”

As it turns out it is a good thing that Jimmy used to date this chick who was into this new age stuff. Just to get a taste of the coochie Jimmy tagged along with her when she went to these mediation, and energy healing sessions. Jimmy learned that he can use his palm chakras to exert his energy to get the spirits to go away. Jimmy places his palms on one of the apparitions and wills his energy to the palm chakras; as he was doing that suddenly the room became dark and the only light in the room came from his plan chakras; the light expanded and expanded until there was just a flash of light like the flash of light that illuminated as when the atomic bomb was dropped. After the flash of light dissipated the desk lamp light was the only light that could be seen, and the malevolent spirits disappeared. Hopefully they have been sent to the place where they supposed to go after they have crossed over. As far as Jimmy is concerned, it is the last time he will be working the graveyard shift.

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