waterfront II

 I found myself back at the office of the International Academy of Consciousness (I.A.C) taking a course of instructing that was being presented by one of the IAC’s leading researchers and President of the IAC Wagner Alegretti.  He is based out of the IAC’s London office. Wagner is a colorful person and he is a Mentor to other members of the IAC  he traveled to New York City to give instruction on the subject “Theory and Practice of Bioenergy.” At the end of the instruction there was the practical portion.

While performing exercise during the practical portion of the instruction; I relaxed the body and was moving my energy up and down. While this was happening and the more relaxed I became the sound of the air-conditioner faded until I could not hear it anymore. When I couldn’t hear the air conditioner anymore an image of a waterfront popped up; there were cars parked on the waterfront. The cars that I saw were very old; It looked like cars that were manufactured in the 1930’s.

The view was in black and white nothing was in color. I wondered which type of energy exercise that we moved onto, I only heard Wagner’s voice say which exercise to move onto. I do not know how long the image lasted, or how long each of the exercise lasted. Also I neglected to note the time when the practical exercise started. The next time I participate in an activity with the IAC, I will note the time the practical exercise starts.

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