It was 0630am and while I was waiting for the official wakeup I decided to listen to the energy CD and do the vibrational state at the same time. While doing that I had started to see a whirl something like a portal or like water moving around in a circle. I’ve seen this before, so I recognized that I was moving towards a water environment. As the whirl of water started to come down, I prepared myself to accept that I could breathe under water while being projected.

As the whirl of water hit, it was as though I was submerged, and the water was filling me up inside, and the oxygen started to be replaced with water. When I was completely submerged I began to see that the watery environment resembled the NYC waterfront. I found that I was in the middle of the river. Then I started to see cubes that turned into people. I saw that there were people in a single file crossing the river into NYC. There were two more lines of people cress crossing in the air. It was as though they were being transported; they were standing single file one behind the other.

As I was in the air I saw a cube that turned out to be a man with a mustache. He flew up in the air and started to head off to an unknown destination; and I started to follow him. At one point I flew right past him. I was going too fast and I at a higher altitude. I lost sight of him; so I started to see the sights by myself.

 I observed the sky and it was spectacular one of the most vivid blue that I have ever seen. Perhaps, I was making the observation from space.  I looked down at NYC as I was flying through the air; however I did not have full control over my flight speed and I thought of throwing an energy pulse to attach it on a building to slow myself down.

When I exercised that idea I slowed down and looked for a place to land. When I landed I saw two beings. One looked like a bug, it seemed like the bug wanted to make physical contact. I recognized that he may need some energy, so I hugged it to exchange energy with it; as I done that the bug reduced in size until there was nothing left. The only thing left was the bug’s sack. I opened the sack to view its contents. In the sack were three newly born kittens wrapped up inside…..

After that the distractions in the room interrupted my altered state made me come out of the experience.

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