On this particular day around 12:30 am I was relaxing in bed when I sat up and started to install the vibrational state by going through the motions. After the vibrational state was installed I reached a certain degree of vibrational state I laid down, when I saw a figure next to my bed; then the figure put something in the bed next to me. The object looked like a grenade, and I quickly reacted to it. In fact I was startled because I thought it was a real physical grenade getting ready to explode. The grenade suddenly disappeared and since it was a dangerous object that could hurt me I began searching for it. When I looked up I saw the figure that was next to the bed again; it was an extra physical being and there was a smirk on it’s face. This is when I knew that this extra physical figure was pranking me.

I’ve heard that a location may have extra physical beings which like to play pranks on unsuspecting physical being. They may take items and hide them, or put them in another location. They take delight when they see the physical person searching for the item. They may do some type of mischief to frighten the physical being. The only thing that extra physical being has over you is the element of surprise; you cannot see, hear or touch them. They use that to their advantage. What made this extra physical being prank me is unknown. I rarely get pranked by an extra physical being. Perhaps because I don’t tolerate being pranked in the real world; I have cut of relationships, punched people in the face because I do not like pranks, I believe it is childish. Even when I was a child, I tolerated it to a certain point.     

I also heard that there are extra physical beings that for some reason become attached to the physical person. Extra physical attachments can go either way; they may be beneficial and serve your purpose, whatever it may be. Or the extra physical attachments may hinder your personal progress whether it be physical, mental or spiritual; and they will be like a vampire draining your energy. A function of installing the vibration state is supposed to help detach extra physical attachments. One must keep in mind that even if an extra physical attachment aides you in some sort of way; they are still parasites that must be removed. Just remember they are not aiding you out of the goodness of their hearts and there is a price to pay in the long run.        

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