Energetic Defense

energy pulse

It was around 2:30 am; this is the time period that is referred too as the “witching hour.” Its because it has been observed that most paranormal activity or demonic and spiritual experiences malevolent or otherwise takes place. I’m not sure whether it has any bearing of the quality astral projection experience. At this point I’ve been using a special recorded C.D that uses a combination of entrainment frequencies. The Soul Clearer was using them in his work so I thought that I should use it also to see what type of results I’ll get. Sure enough I found out that using the entrainment C.D’s combined with the vibrational state yielded some interesting results.

 On this particular day  I performed the vibrational state exercises then I listened to the energy C.D “Rhythm of Soul,” when I felt that I was removed from my physical body;  once outside the body I found myself going through the room; there was a bit more clutter then usually. As I made my way towards the window I had stopped at Spc. B’s locker and took a bottle off the top of the locker and threw it on the floor; after that I had exited the room through the window.

Once outside the window I saw that the grass area had freshly grown grass and that there were flowers planted. The environment (extra physical) on the astral plane seemed like a different place then the physical Fort Dix environment.

As I had moved out of the area through the air I saw a wall pop up in front of me; each time I went in a different direction I saw that a wall was built up restricting my movement. While this was happening I remembered that the founder of the International Academy of Conscious (IAC)  Dr. Waldo Viera wrote that if your path is being obstructed then it is some sort of extra physical attack. At that instant when I figured out what was happening I saw a bright light.  I went up to the wall, at which time I saw some type of aircraft leave an area that looked like a door. Then I saw another aircraft following behind. I decided not to run away, but to face these extra physical beings.

 I used a pulse of energy and shattered the wall. Then I saw a bright green light; I shot out another pulse of energy at the green light and destroyed it. Whoever the extra physical being that was attacking me remained unseen. Afterwards I was flying above some buildings in a darken environment, however my aura’s light illuminated the area. I landed and went into a building;  I was in the attic; it looked like the attic was abandoned yet I found an old bill statement that had my name on it. The bill statement stated that the bill was past due and it was about to be sent to the bill collectors…. Then suddenly I was pulled back into my physical body. It seems that the movement of the person in the top bunk jolted me from the altered state.

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