Spirit Releasement

I met the soul clearer during my interactions with the Somnambulistic sleep walkers’ hypnosis practice group. In the beginning the meetings used to be held at the TRS Suites or in somebody’s living room. Over time the meetings were held consistently in Bill’s living room. Bill aka the soul clearer usually had publications of books on concepts such as life after death, the types spirit, spiritual attachments, the soul, etc. It was then I found out that Bill practiced an unusual form of hypnotherapy. The technique he practiced is called “Spirit Releasement Therapy.” I saw him do this brand of therapy on some people. It was intriguing to see different personalities come forward and even explain why they attached themselves to their host. Then there was a moment after an attached spirit was released when a gushed of wind would casually blow through the living room and out through the terrace. People who witnessed the session would be speechless and just looked at each other as if they are saying “no way.” I supposed that I would have volunteered to be his subject for a meeting. But at that point in time in my life I was not ready to face up to my personal demons or even know if I wanted to find out if I had any attachments.


Tradition of Spiritual Cleansing

Some type of Spirit Releasement or cleansing process has always existed; historical it has been practiced by the Shamans and other the medicine men and indigenous culture’s spiritual people or the clergy. The types of rituals practiced vary from the use of verbal incantations, to using incense and beating sticks. Even baptism and the christening of infants is a form of exorcism. The use of the sweat lodge by Native American cultures is a means to the goal of spiritual cleansing. The popular Christian beliefs use the ritual of exorcist or deliverance to deal with those afflicted with demons. However those rituals employ exhortation and prayer.

Traditional therapists reject the notion of spirit Releasement Therapy because of its basis on the philosophy of reincarnation which is contra to their beliefs. Be assured that any therapist restricting themselves to one set belief system is not someone you should continue to work with to resolve your inner conflicts. In addition to not accepting the philosophy of reincarnation the notion of being possessed or attached by a spirit frightens people.

Clinical Application of Spirit Releasment

The clinical application of Spirit Releasement Therapy is linked to Past Life Therapy. The interaction that led to the attachment of a spirit is explored using Past Life therapy. The exploration of the death scene, the circumstances leading to the death and the emotional, physical residue carried from the lifetime. As the probe continues the exact moment when the attachment took place will be revealed.

The Spirit Releasement Process has six steps. The first step is the discovery and identification of any attached discarnate spirits or entities. There are numerous clues that guide the therapist in discovering an attachment; the attached spirits usual functions on a subconscious level. The second step is called differential diagnosis. This means that a determination is made whether the spirit is earth bound or other types of spirits which tend to interfere with living beings. The third step is to have a dialogue with the spirit. The purpose of the dialogue is to resolve then emotional conflicts or physical needs that kept the spirit earthbound. Another purpose is to make a determination of the circumstances that led to the attachment. Once the therapist discovers the circumstances that led to the attachment, he needs to discover the person’s vulnerability or susceptibility that allowed the attachment to take place. The dialogue will give the therapist an assessment of the effects of the spirit attachment on the client. The fourth step is the release of the spirit into the light. The spirit is usual greeted by friends, relatives, something similar to what people who have experienced Near Death Experience have reported. The fifth step is the sealing light meditation. It is important to fill the space left by the departing spirit. The focus is the get the client to visualize a light of protection surrounding them. The client is told to practice it several times a day. The sixth step is ongoing therapy if it is necessary.

1) Discovery and identification of any discarnate spirits or entitles
2) Differential Diagnosis
3) Dialogue with the spirit
4) Release of the spirit into the light
5) Sealing light mediation
6) Ongoing therapy

Spirit Releasment Therapy Treatment of the Demonic

The Vatican’s Roman Ritual exorcism procedure has a history of development. The format that is used today was developed in the seventeenth century. The interaction between the possessing entity and exorcist is adversarial. What is interesting is that the demonic entities adhere to the belief system; they accept the rules of the church and the steps of the Roman exorcism ritual. They respond with anger and fear to the name of Jesus, to holy water and to relics of saints or the cross. They have a strong reaction when the Lord’s Prayer and the 23rd psalm are recited. The victim of the demonic invasion does not have to be Catholic, religious or profess a belief in a higher power. It is the demonic entity who has the fear. The demon is casted out in the name of Jesus. Once the demon is forced out it does not have specified destination. This is kind of irresponsible to leave the demonic entity to roam free. The demonic entity is free to attach itself to another victim, or return to the previous victim, or it can attach itself to the exorcist

There is a twelfth step approach to the Releasement of demonic and other dark entities. The sequence was developed through trial and error. After many errors were corrected, the twelfth step sequence produced results:
1) Call on the light to guide and direct the session.

2) Call on the warrior angels of light to surround the area

3) Call om the mighty rescue spirits to stand by for the work at hand

4) Request the Mighty Rescue Spirits of Light to surround the dark   one with a mesh of light, net of light, a capsule of light, impervious and inescapable. Request that they squeeze the capsule until the one inside is compliant and communicative.

5) Dialogue with the one inside the capsule. Discover the vulnerability which allowed the attachment, the purpose and effects of the attachment.

6) Direct the dark one to look within itself for its own key to freedom (it will discover its own spark of light).

7) Discovery of its own light will lead to transformation of this little being. The darkness will disappear along with the hostility and destructive behavior.

8) Call on Archangel Michael and the Legions of Heaven for the work of rescuing the many dark-energy beings which will come. The transformed dark one will assist in summoning its underlings and subordinates, its associates and those of equal rank and stature. The therapist calls out in the name of the light for those of higher rank and stature, and for all the replacements unto the end of the replacements.

9) Request the Legions of Heaven to gather every dark one along every thread of any and every network involved or associated in any way with the client, the ancestors, the offspring including those yet unborn, with anyone who has married into this family or has been connected in any way.

10) Request the Legions of Heaven continue this rescue of the dark ones, and to lift the path of freedom far from anyone involved in the session, the buildings of work and residence, and far from the earth plane.

11) Call for the Mercy Band of Rescue Angels of Light to gather and take home to the light all those earthbound spirits now freed by the dark-energy beings as they are being lifted to their appointed place in the light.

12) Give thanks to all those who assisted in the rescue work.


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