Dis invited


Has anyone dealt with the force?  Well, the force I’m talking about is not like the one you see in Star Wars. I’m talking about the spiritual realm, and yes there are forces. Unseen, however they can be perceived, felt, heard and in many cases the unseen can be seen. True_George has had some experiences with forces of the light (https://truegeorge.com/2016/07/26/sweet-smell-of-the-lady/) and dark (https://truegeorge.com/2015/12/20/the-uninvited/). When a person becomes an unwitting host to a spirit that decides to attach itself to the person, it is there by invitation. The person may not have a clue how they invited the spirit to be part of their lives, but the spirit unwittingly becomes an influence in the person life. This takes me back to watching the Soul Clearer (https://truegeorge.com/2015/04/13/spirit-releasement-therapy/) do his work. He put this lady in trance, once she was under her facial expression changed.  Her eyes grew bigger, but there was no anger, instead there was fear. The spirit that attached itself to the woman came forth. Then we realized that the fear was not the woman’s fear it was the spirit’s fear. In a high pitched voice and sounding freighted the attached spirit spoke. The spirit said she is sick with cancer and did not want to die. Evidently the spirit’s physical body expired because of the cancer, but her spirit would not accept it. It was afraid to cross over. Instead, it took advantage of the woman host when she was in an emotional valuable state. The spirit saw it as an Invitation and invited itself into her life. Now the Soul Clearer has now given the woman host the power of choice. He asked, “Do you want her (the spirit) to stay?” The woman host said no, so the Soul Clearer cleared out the unwanted spirit. It’s too bad that woman was a ship passing in the night. I would have liked to see what changes took place in her life now that the unseen influence was driven away.  Those that witnessed what the Soul Clearer did still can’t believe the gust of wind that swept through the room and out the patio doors blowing away with the night breeze.


  1. That’s pretty interesting. Is this something you witnessed? I believe its possible for these types of things to happen. Hopefully she went to the light, I feel bad the patient though, having to go through all of the pain of the spirit who attached itself to her. Good post TrueGeorge

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