The Breakaways


There are lots of stuff that is going on in many societies that are a secret, yet the regular Joes know something about that that secret. The only thing is proving what is well known. In the 21st century lots of things that were highly classified by government are now being de-classified and the cat is being let out of the bag. The early 20th Century was a pioneering century in terms of technology advancement and the need to kill our fellow man. There were two world wars; the main antagonist was broken down and they built themselves back up becoming one of the most powerful regimes the world has ever seen; and the repercussions from that regime is still being felt today. I supposed by now you’ve figured out that the nation is Germany, and the regime is the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei. In English it means National Socialist German Worker’s Party. The party’s acronym is NAZI and we all know the leader of the NAZI is the notorious figure Adolf Hitler. It is ironic that the regime had a profound impact on the world, yet it only lasted less then twenty years.


From what was revealed there were more in play in Germany then Hitler’s NAZI activities. Some of the main players were the German secret societies. The major secret societies in Germany were The Thule society which was not only an occultist group but were the main sponsors of the NAZI party. The Thule also engaged in paranormal research, one of their goals was to verify the domination of the Aryan antiquity; and sponsor the development of technology, weapons, and aircraft.  The Black Sun comprised of many members of Heinrich Himmler’s Schutzstaffel  (SS). The Vril was a female offshoot of the Thule society, The Vril were females with psychic abilities who were used as mediums to communicate with extraterrestrials (E.T) and the ancient subterranean civilizations.


The Secret societies created the German breakaway fractions that were located in South America and the Antarctica. It should be particularly noted that even though the Black Sun members were SS; Himmler thought that he was successful in infiltrating the secret societies which would have made him privy to the secrets that the secret societies possessed. But as it turned out the Black Sun’s primary loyalty was to the Thule and the other secret societies. When the tide was turning against Germany during World War II the German breakaways separated their political apparatus from the German government and abandoned Germany. They refused to allow Germany access to advance weapons and to further develop aircraft that could have made the difference for Germany to overcome the Allies influencing the outcome of World War II.


Since the early 1920’s and 30’s the German secret societies have formed political and diplomatic relationships with two different types of extraterrestrial groups. One was a confederacy of reptilian humanoids called the Draco. The other was a group of humans that dwelled in the earth’s sub-terrains. This group of people went underground because of some sort of catastrophic event that occurred on the surface many centuries ago. These set of people have the blond hair, blue eye features of the Nordic people but they are taller. These set of ET’s call themselves Agarthans. Since the Agarthans were an ancient race of humans with superior technologies it is widely speculated that the concept of Germany’s master race had its origins in the fact that the Agarthans were tall Aryan looking with blond hair and blue eyes.The Agarthans introduced the Germans to an underground area in the Antarctica. There is some sort of underground developed infrastructure of caverns that was built by another civilization in the past.


When World War II was over the United States government created a program called Operation Paperclip. This is a program that the American government used to get Germany’s Scientists, engineers and technically advanced people. Well it sounds like a good thing except that it not only included Scientists, Engineers and technical people but some important and political connected indivduals who were accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity. Infamous figures like the Angel of Death Dr. Josef Mengele and others who were supposed to be tried at Nuremberg. One of the reasons that the Americans wanted the Scientists, Engineers and technical people is because the Germans were at least 40 to 50 years ahead of the rest of the world when it came to technical advancement. Plus they did not want them to fall into Communist Soviet Union hands. The Scientists, Engineers and technical people were put to work to develop America’s space programs and other various technical programs. Overtime the Scientists, Engineers and technical people were proven to be  valuable asserts and they started to develop some sort of influence within the American government.


In 1947 American intelligence discovered the German breakaways and their enclaves in South America and the Antarctica. In addition the intelligence learned that there was a large military base located in the Antarctica. The American government decided to dispatch a large naval fleet under the command of Admiral Richard Byrd to the Antarctica. This was called Operation High Jump. The Naval fleet that was assembled to participate in Operation High Jump consisted of Aircraft carriers, destroyers, submarines; it was the largest battle group since the end of World War II.

When the fleet arrived at the Antarctica they were engaged in battle and during the battle the fleet was on the receiving end of a lot of high technology weapons that they did not expect to run into. There were energetic weaponry and highly advanced aircraft emerging from the water down from the caverns under the Antarctica; the highly advance aircraft shot down the American aircraft and caused major damaged to several of the ships in the naval fleet. Many lives were lost before the fleet retreated back to American shores. Admiral Byrd made his report to the Department of Defense and Joint Chiefs of Staff, to this day the report remains classified.


The gov’t went to the Operation Paperclip Scientists and they helped to broker a dialogue with the German Breakaways. A meeting was arranged with a breakaway representative and President Truman in an attempt to establish a treaty. However, the breakaways made such heavy demands that President Truman did not agree to sign any accord. The breakaways got an advantage after they learned from the Operation Paperclip Scientists that after the UFO crash in 1947 in Roswell, New Mexico; and the location of other UFO wreckage. The U.S government created a policy that classified the existence of UFO’s, extraterrestrials and certain technology and would not acknowledge their existence to the general public. The thought behind classifying the existence of E. T’s  is that if mankind is exposed to the information it would destroy society as we know it.  The breakaways took advantage and started to fly their aircraft (UFO’s) over the U.S skies. This included the famous 1952 UFO fly over in Washington D.C assembling above the White House. The breakaways strategy was to expose the existence of UFO’s and E.T’s to the general public which the U.S gov’t wanted to keep covered up. This forced the U.S back to the negotiation table. However, President Truman was leaving office and it was left to President Eisenhower to complete the negotiations and sign a treaty with the breakaways.


Whatever was signed brought the breakaways to the U.S. Members of the Breakaways started working in Roswell’s Area 51 Air Force base and have been working in the U.S space program and aircraft development. The American intelligence thought that they would find a way to infiltrate the breakaways and gain access to the weapons technology. The breakaways also had their own agenda; they had a similar plan but want to use the Americans to build an infrastructure in space. The breakaways managed to infiltrate the American industrial complex. They did it by introducing technology to the big company executives; all the executives saw were dollar signs, they did not care who the breakaways were and what was their motive. Eventually members of the breakaways got to sit on the executive boards of many big companies and effectively infiltrated the American Industrial complex. This was one of the basis of President Eisenhower’s warning about the military-industrial complex.  The breakaways have managed to infiltrate the intelligence agencies and by the 1960’s they actual infiltrated the U.S gov’t itself.


  1. Hello True George,

    My previous comment possibly got marked as spam or maybe it is being held in moderation, I am not sure which, and so I am just making this comment again.

    Have you heard about The USS Nimitz UFO incident encounter before?

    -John Jr

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    • Thanks
      I didn’t specifically hear about the Nimitz’s incident. I wouldn’t doubt that the Navy have much more encounters then the ones that are revealed.
      Gov’t cover up has no boundaries. There was an Air Force unit that had the task of discrediting eye witness account. I guess it was easier to get service members to keep their mouth shut.
      There is a new series I think on Netflix based on the files of that unit

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      • Hello True George,

        You are welcome.

        I had not heard of it or I did not know the details of this one either until I saw that video.

        I agree, but I am glad that there are some people still willing to share their stories even with the cover-ups.

        I assume you are referring to Project Blue Book, I saw a thumbnail for this show on an online streaming video website, but I have not seen that show yet; but I have heard some things about the real Project Blue Book over the years.

        Thank you for replying,
        -John Jr


  2. The problem with the government is that they are hiding from the truth years back then, and everything would come to a denial.They do not want to show this to the public. I wonder if they think that this would cause a change within our believes, when it comes to Christianity biblical history or how the fact we would handle if there are encounters of aliens that are above us.

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  3. Hello True George,

    Breakaway civilizations are an interesting topic (aliens, UFOs, cover-ups, et cetera are interesting as well), I do wonder how much of this is true, I know that some of it is definitely true and verified without a doubt of course (unfortunately not the alien or breakaway civilization parts, that does not mean that those parts are not true, it just means that they have not been verified without a doubt yet as far as I or the general public know(s)).

    Thank you for sharing this,
    -John Jr

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    • yeah, lots of secrecy and deception. I’ve heard a lot and stuff like this isn’t new. I have yet to talk about the NAZI aircraft development. The design for the US B-2 stealth was done by the NAZI in 1945. I saw a documentary the competition between North Grumman & Douglas for the gov’t contract to manufacture a radar evading air craft. North Grumman ended up winning when the contract. The film showed how they developed the design. The film showed a sketch from 1945 of the exact same design when the NAZI developed to evade the British radar. The NAZI’s never put it into production. The sketch was brought over with the scientists during Operation Paper Clip. So something the NAZIs had in 1945 was developed in the 1980’s but I believe Grumman passed the NAZI design has their own…..

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      • Hello True George,

        I agree that the secrecy, disinformation, misinformation, et cetera is strong with these topics.

        Operation Paper Clip definitely brought over not only various German citizens from various fields, but also some of the technology and plans for that technology (along with ideas, and other things of course) so I would not be surprised it some companies and individuals et cetera pretended that some of that was their own creations and ideas as cover to hide this fact and/or just normal theft of ideas/technology/et cetera to take the credit for ego and propaganda to make the United States seem more advanced and stronger et cetera.

        -John Jr

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