E.T Disclosure

If you haven’t heard by now about the recent disclosure by a former official that headed the Israeli space agency, who has claimed that the United States and Israel has been in contact with extraterrestrials for years.

The retired General and current Professor Haim Eshed served as the head of the Israeli’s space agency from 1982 to 2010, also disclosed that President Donald Trump was on the verge of officially disclosing the existence of extraterrestrials; and that there is an alien council called the Galactic Federation; whose representatives are located in an underground base on Mars.

Eshed, also revealed that the United States has representatives sitting on the Galactic Federation; and that there are agreements that the extraterrestrials can conduct experiments on Earth. The extraterrestrials are curious and is studying and researching the fabric of the universe and that they want humans to assist them.

On President Trump’s attempt to officially disclose the existence of extraterrestrials; it coincides with the announcement of the creation of a space force as the fifth branch of the United States military. However, the disclosure did not happen; it was recommended by the aliens sitting on the Galactic Federation that Trump not reveal the information because humanity is not ready for it; and that the announcement may cause mass hysteria.

Well, this announcement does not come as a surprise to True_George; there has been information right here that has presented evidence that there has been contact with extraterrestrials for years. It is an open secret that the United States has signed treaties with extraterrestrials, going back as far as President Truman.

One of the things that people liked about President Trump, is that he is a Capital Hill outsider, and that he shook up the establishment. Trump has a knack of wanting to pull the wool off the eyes of the American public. That revealing that the gov’t has contact with extraterrestrials would have stopped speculation and took the power away from all these religious organizations. Perhaps forcing the Vatican to open up what it is hiding.

There is  doubt that the Galactic Federation recommended that Trump not make it known; they probably told him that the Earth would face consequences; and the consequences would come from them, not as a result of mass human hysteria.

Eshed, has pointed out that if he would have announced what he knows, he probably would have ended up in the hospital, and his work and reputation would have been discredited.

But surely and slowly, the existence of extraterrestrial will come out; one way or another.


  1. Very interesting. My view is that there are definitely extra-terrestrials – why on Earth would be the only ones in a whole universe? I’m not sure we’re actually in cahoots with any though or that they live on Mars – I remain to be convinced on those points.

    Your point about Trump:
    “One of the things that people liked about President Trump, is that he is a Capital Hill outsider, and that he shook up the establishment.”
    EXACTLY what I liked about him (not that it was any of my business as a British citizen!)


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