Pressing Matters

Fandango’s provocative question #99

What do you think are the three most pressing issues facing us today?

A great question; but I guess that each individual will give an answer based on the information that the individual feels is important from their world perspective. Some people may feel political interests is more important, while others feel that scandals involving the rich and famous is pressing. But on the other hand, some people will put their personal scandals on blast; calling out family dysfunction, especially during this season. Anyway, without further adieu the pressing issue that is facing us today as filtered through the eyes of True_George are as follows:

  • COVID 19 :

Right now, the Earth is being ravaged by a disease that has no cure. The disease we call the Chinese Virus; Corona virus or COVID 19 is caused by a mutated virus. It is purported to be a man-made virus, developed as a germ warfare weapon. Traced to a bio-chemical laboratory in the city of Wuhun, China.

 The first outbreaks occurred in Wuhun, the Chinese government used their security forces, cyber police and propaganda machine to hide the outbreak from the rest of the world. The deception would have worked, if, the Chinese government was able to contain the virus. But they could not, and the virus went beyond the Chinese borders.

 The virus started to ravage Europe. Italy was hit very hard and developed into the world’s epic center. It wasn’t long until the virus found its way to the Americas. In the USA the virus showed up on the West coast, and gradually made its way to the East coast.

The Chinese government had no choice but to provide information on the virus to the rest of the world. In response to the growing pandemic, the world governments decided that the best course of action is an attempt to slow down the spread by quarantine and having a brief  period of closing borders and restricting movement of the population.

But for the US it was too late; the virus took root and started to ravage the nation. Slowly, the world’s epic center shifted from Italy to New York City the home of  True_George. The U.S federal government failed to provide any sort of leadership and left it up to the individual states to create their own policies and measures to control the virus. The whole thing was a diester; parts of the nation that didn’t see much cases had little to no restrictions, while other parts of the nation had major restrictions. Parts of the population asserted that the restrictions are an infringement to personal freedom; and began resisted practicing prevention measures.  That the virus is a hoax etc; even when some of those who swore it the virus is a hoax died from it. Yet, each time attempts to do things the way it was done before the shutdown, resulted in spiked cases of people affected with the virus, the more the denial. We’ll see how the whole thing plays out. But what is for sure, the world will never be the same after things are played out.

  • The Vaccine

So now it has been a full year since the virus first appeared and the first vaccines have been developed. It has been manufactured and is pending Federal Drug Administration approval.

Of course, there are controversial surrounding the development of the COVID 19 vaccine. If you should think about it, the world’s vaccines against deadliest pandemics were not developed within a year when the disease showed up. For example, smallpox was around 3000 years before a vaccine was developed. The vaccine for the Bubonic plague was developed in the 1920’s; the plague first showed up during the 1500’s and wiped out 40% of Europe. It took 30 years to develop a vaccine for Polio and Anthrax.

 Now before any vaccine against a pandemic was developed, the pandemic diseases strike reaches a peak period before declining and disappearing. Then once in a while it rears its ugly head. The only defensive from spreading is quarantining the victims.

But COVID 19 has only just began, with a second wave in progress.  Has medical technology come so far that a vaccine for a virus such as COVID 19 can be done within a year? Or was the vaccine available all along, after all the virus is purported to be manmade.

As the vaccine been adequately tested. If so, why don’t the developers make the clinical trial report available for public view or to an academic institution for peer review. Everything surrounding the development of the vaccine makes good ingredients for a tasty conspiracy theory.  

In any event, England has vaccinated the first person against COVID 19 last week. Up until now there have been positive reports concerning the vaccination at this point. The distribution in the United States is set to begin this week. With United Parcel Service (UPS) contracted to deliver the vaccine on the East coast; and Federal Express (Fedex) contracted to deliver the vaccine on the West coast.

  • Trump’s denial

Something of concern is President Trump’s fight to stay in the White House. He is alleging that the vote was rigged and that the vote was tempered by interference from international espionage.

There is no denial that there is a wide spread open secret that the Democratic party have a lot registered voters who have been passed away. That the same dead people always participate in elections.

There are cases in the country that people are turned away from the polls for one reason or another.

Well, Trump; you know of these things, but did nothing to stop of change it. Now your opponent has won the popular vote; and the electoral college is expected to certify and caste the delegate vote along the popular vote lines.

So Trump will have to resign himself to losing to Sleepy Joe and move on. This is one of those things that is ts going to be interested to see how it all plays out.


  1. Speaking of the press… I was going to share some other purveyors of news, besides FOX, who put out (and who similarly repress) some of the same stories as FOX (but who are also different from FOXnews) — and I wanted to make sure, for the purpose of this reply, that I wouldn’t spell one of them incorrectly (one I have heard of but to whose site I have never gone before). I have, at times, gone to newsmax and to OAN/OANN and breitbart and many others. But I will say this: I found, a personally-experienced confirmation as of this day, that The Epoch Times is a “source” with tremendous power and money. I entered one word in my search bar, and spelled it incorrectly at that in terms of that particular organization, and entering return (or go or search) took me DIRECTLY to the epoch times (not to a list of options to answer my query)! { There truly and plainly are other ways to and other realities in the universe with which to respond for that query; there is a physical condition after exercise, there is an environmental group, and so forth. Not to mention there could be at least one choice for the definition (and spelling) of the word itself. }


  2. Yes, all are very big issues. It will be I retesting to see how this whole vaccine process plays out, given the controversial timeline for development, the timing, the priorities for those who will be getting the vaccinations, and, of course, the anti-vax movement.

    As to your allegations regarding the “wide spread open secret that the Democratic party have a lot registered voters who have been passed away,” and that these same dead people always participate in elections, I think you’ve been watching too much Fox News. Time to change the channel, my friend.

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  3. Not bad, those are specific and pressing in The United States especially, my three choices would probably be more broad to cover more things like: imbalance, illogic, and biogtry.

    Thank you for sharing your post True George,
    -John Jr

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  4. Well our first citizen might have been vaccinated but they’re saying I’ll be the very last I think – and working in a shop and having lung disease I can’t agree with their ‘reasoning’. It makes me furious that they don’t think essential workers such as those providing their food should be protected! They’re going down the age route here – protecting the oldest first and getting round to the workers last! A lot of older people are ridiculously healthy too!

    And all these vaccines and cures would be developed much quicker if they’d stop wasting time down the ‘animal experiments’ route and use real science. Scientists are still hopelessly outdated unfortunately.

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    • One may say that there is a method to the madness. They want a guinea pig to see the side effects. They choose the old people to be the guinea pigs.
      People doing service jobs are a dime a dozen; expendable the front line low skill workers, they will be last to get it. Maybe a blessing in disguise.
      Before the common man gets it they are going to do the elites, the military, Doctors & Nurses, rich and famous first. Then the common man last on the totem pole….
      Scientists have to be ethically; before the ethics were out there were a lot of abuses doing medical and psychological experiments on people. It had to be cleaned up. Now animals are being abused and it it only a matter of time before that gets cleaned up…

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      • I wish it would hurry up and get cleaned up – they need to realise that different animals react in different way and that species difference means you can’t safely test anything on non-human animals (as well as it being horribly cruel).

        You’re right about the order of vaccination – I’m just finding it’s really annoying me though!

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