The Brother

Yesterday, Counselor Jorge had a conversation with the support house security; she was concerned about resident Lilian and her troublemaking Brother. She said Lilian asked if her troublemaking Brother could be banned from the premise. She is scared what he may do if she tells him not to come back; so, she is asking staff for assistance in this matter. Jorge said that he will tell the Director about her request and let her know what the Director decides.

After Jorge contacted the Director and told her of Security’s concern; the Director agreed that Lilian’s troublemaker Brother should be banned. The Director said that she will update the ban list and make sure that everyone knows that he is banned from the building effective immediately.

The following day when Jorge came in, he saw that the Director forgot to write Lilian’s Brother’s name on the banned list which is located on the security desk. Jorge asked the Guard on duty “did you let Lilian’s Brother go upstairs unaccompanied?” The Guard sad “yes,” Jorge responded, “dam, they were supposed to update the banned list this morning; I guess its not your fault because no one gave you notice not to let him go up. Now I have to go upstairs and kick him out.”  

Jorge went upstairs and knocked on Lilian’s unit door; when Lilian answered the door; Jorge went in and said to Lilian’s Brother, “hey man, you know that you have been banned from the building, you can’t stay, you’re going to have to leave.”

Lilian’s Brother was not happy when he heard that he couldn’t stay. He turned to his sister and asked, “is this true?”  Lilian said, “yes” and he asked, “why am I banned?” Jorge said “you’re banned because Lilian doesn’t want you to come here anymore. All you do when you come is eat up her food, take whatever little money she has, and instead of showing some sort of gratitude, you verbally abuse her, and create problems with her neighbors. Lilian is afraid of you and is afraid what you may do if she told you not to come back. So, she asked staff to intervene and place you on the ban list. Now you’re going to have to leave.

Lilian’s Brother did not accept that his Sister was the one who initiated the request to have him banned from the building. He said, “I don’t believe you, and I ain’t going anywhere.” Jorge responded, “come on man, don’t make this harder than what it is.”  

Lilian’s Brother’s blood started to boil, and the steam made him become violent and he attacked Jorge. But, unknown to Lilian’s Brother, Jorge is a trained grappler, and when he rushed him, Jorge used the momentum and flipped Lilian’s Brother sweeping him over, then Jorge was mounted on top of him.

Lilian’s Brother thought that since he was muscular, and lifted weights that he could power his way out. But, it failed, Jorge’s pinning technique was a superior equalizer. Jorge decided to do perform what is called an “Ezekiel choke” to put Lilian’s Brother to sleep. Lilian’s Brother kept on expending energy in a futile attempt to power his way out of it, but all that ceased when Jorge slapped on the Ezekiel choke. By the time the Police arrived, and came upstairs Lillian’s Brother was choked out unconscious.

By the time Lilian’s Brother woke up, the Police had him in handcuffs. The responding Police Officer said, “you were told that you’re banned from the building; you can either leave the premises and don’t come back; or you can go to jail. I understand that you are on parole; if I take you to jail, your Parole Officer will violate you. Do you understand that it means going back to the State Penitentiary for another 18 months.”  

Lilian’s Brother conceded and left without further incident. However, he didn’t learn his lesson, and later on he came back; and wanted to pick another fight with Jorge. When he entered the building, The front desk security said, “don’t do anything stupid, you’re on camera.” Lilian’s Brother said, “I don’t care; where is that mother fucker Jorge?”  

Jorge came out, and Lilian’s Brother tried to impose himself and they ended up grappling again. The results were the same. Lilian’s Brother was choked out unconscious again.  The Police came, and the same Officer that gave Lilian’s Brother a chance; just shook his head and said, “some people just don’t learn.” Then he carted Lilian’s Brother off to jail.

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