Fandango’s Provocative Question 101:

Where do you think we should start with respect to climate change? What role should governments play? What can, we as individual do to help? What steps are you, as an individual, taking? Or do you think climate change is a hoax?

A thought-provoking question or should I say questions. What can anyone think about climate change? I believe the average person do not think about these matters. Especially people that are in survival mode. Certainly not the spiritual challenged person, or those who are mentally ill.

Then there is the segment of people who do have some type of awareness because they read it in a newspaper, magazine, and heard it on the opiniated you tube podcasts and other social media outlets.  

In as much as hearing about it, there is not much the individual can do about it. Climate change is a natural development that has been going on with the Earth for millions of years. Some of the changes to the climate are completely natural, while other changes are influenced by manmade activity. The changes that we are witnessing today could be a combination of natural and manmade activities.

Thinking about what role should the government have in the scheme of things. Perhaps they should have a great say, because human beings need to regulate their behavior. Humans by nature are selfish, they would destroy an environment and do the type of activity that is contributing to climate change without a second thought, just to justify their means.

At most the individual person can help by becoming aware of the activities that contribute to climate change. Perhaps using solar energy products, that is if they can afford to, and that type of things is available. Otherwise, the focus will be to change entire industries from buying fossil fuels, change emissions in machines and automobiles. So there is very little that can be done on the individual level.

Most people think that climate change is a hoax because of what the media puts out. Stuff like, Al Gore making big profits on climate change initiatives, make people think that the whole thing is just a for profit scheme. Then again, people tend to deny things, hell, we have people saying that COVID-19 is a hoax; the hard evidence could be slapped in their faces, and still people will think it is a hoax.  


  1. I’ve been worried about oncoming climate change (the man-made kind which I do believe in) since around the early 1980s as have the rest of my family. I believe it is individuals who need to cut back on their profligacy and that, if they don’t, there’s not too much Governments can do about it – yet people blame Governments without thinking how they can change their own behaviours. I live a pretty austere life really as I hate consumerism.

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    • Its a two way street individuals have a responsibility, most won’t take that responsibility hench the gov’t have to regulate behavior. Putting law enforcement officers in the parks, beaches, even at fishing lakes and mountain resorts to make sure that no littering, or doing stuff to mess up the environment.
      Did you hear about the push to make care run by electricity instead of gas…


      • my house is all electric anyway as I’m in a non-gas area – I have to say that, even with solar panels, it’s wayyyy more expensive than gas central heating was! My bill this month was £220 !! 😮

        Yeah – people want their ‘rights’ but seem to mostly have conveniently forgotten the old and true adage ‘rights with responsibilities’ and that you can’t have one without the other!

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