Bike Messenger

A weird feeling came over me, I felt that I was out of work, and needed to make some fast cash. Images popped into my head of a bicycle messenger company headquarters that I’ve seen during my days as a foot messenger back when I was younger. In this experience I decided to become a bike messenger to make some fast money in the amount that I can use to maintain family life; and finance other personal endeavors.

I was riding a bicycle that resembled my old racing bike, and I saw the streets of Manhattan’s commercial hubs; downtown, midtown, and upper Manhattan. But there were not too many cars on the road due to many people working from home instead of hustling to the city, a result of pandemic restrictions.

I came to a building where there was a bike station outside. The building’s management did not want bicycles to be brought into the building. Yet, I did not want to leave my bike outside because it was an expensive bike.

When I brought the bike in the building, the Security said that I cannot bring that bike in.  I told Security, that my bike cost over a thousand dollars, and there is no way that I’m leaving the bike outside; I asked the Security Guard, “surely you can help me out.”

The Security Guard agreed to help me out; he said that I can leave my bike at the Guard station. I saw that my bike could fold up. I folded it up and leaned it up against the wall at the Guard station.

Then I went to the elevator; I was going to the 46th floor; but after the elevator door closed, I found that I was on the wrong elevator. The elevator that I’m on only goes up to the 30th floor. I should have taken the elevator on the other side.

The elevator stopped on a floor, and 3 people walked in, a man and two females. They were going up, but I wanted to go down. Even though I was in the elevator first, and the button to go down was pressed, When the three people came in and pressed the button to go up; the elevator went up.

The three of them was flirting with one another. Then one of the women said something about not wanting to take it from behind. When they got to the floor, I said to the man, that he should ride the bike and it will be better to ride it from behind; and that he may find that things will feel better.

The elevator went to the lobby and I went to the other side of the elevator bank to get the correct elevator. When I was going over there, I was told that I had to make a line at a desk where a Concierge was sitting at a desk recording the names of people going to the elevator bank where I was headed too. When it was mine turn, the Concierge gave me a business card. The card looked like my old friend Cliff’s business card. 

Before I went on the elevator, I checked to see if my bike was still at the Guard’s station. Sure enough, it was still there. Then I went to the elevator and saw that it only went to the 40th floor. I had to get another elevator on the 40th floor that took me to the 46th floor.

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