Snakes on the Train

This dream was probably influenced by the reality series “Swamp People.” Usually, it is about a group of people living and working on the bayous of Louisiana; mostly focusing on alligator hunting. But right now, alligator hunting is not in season; so the cable channel took a group of them to the Florida Everglades, where they can participate in the hunt for the pervasive species of a non- native snake that officials in Florida are looking to eliminate the numbers. The snake is the Burmese python.

The hunters, track them, bag them and when they turn in the snake, they get paid depending on the size, length and weight.

So now that snake hunting was the last image that I saw before turning in for the night; it is a wonder that snakes appeared in the dream.

The dream started out with me in the subway on a train; somebody was showing off his Burmese Python snake in the middle of the subway car. Then the snake decided that it wanted to attack me.   I fended off the snake and ran into another subway car.

When I was in that car someone else came on the train with an albino python wrapped around is neck and arm. When the person with the snake came into the subway car, it looked like the snake thought that everyone in the car was prey.   

The snake started to get into a posture of attack, and people ran out of the subway car in fright; the only person that stayed was a man who had two pit bull terriers, but I did not see the outcome of that encounter because I made my way out of that subway car and transferred to another train.

When I got on the other train line, someone was in the subway car, showing off his python and had a cup for people to put money in it. I said to myself, “these people are crazy, don’t they know that snakes cannot be trained like cats and dogs.” The snake was doing what it wanted to do and lunged at people. I didn’t want to be the snake’s victim, so I took out a knife and stuck the knife through the snake’s head and pinned the snake’s head on the subway’s car floor.

But the snake was still resisting, it wrapped its back tail around me, my thoughts were I better think of something before it squeeze the life out of me. I placed my knee on the snake’s head, removed the knife pinning the head down, then I used the knife and cut off the snake’s head.

But the snake didn’t let go; it was like the tail end of the snake’s body have a mind of its own.  Just like an Earth Worm, cut in half. Then someone came to assist me; he took my knife and used it to cut the snake in half; and pry me out of the snake’s grip.

I said, “dam, these pythons are resilient,” then I exited the subway, I wasn’t interested to stay and find out if the snake actually died…

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