Inner Voice

inner voice

Sometimes we get some type of insight from our higher selves when we doubt ourselves on some level. Perhaps it is a confirmation of encouragement that we need when we are not getting it from any other source. Maybe there is some self-doubt and mistrust about self that is running through the mind; when it comes to the mind you’re that only one that can settle the turmoil running through your head. Many people think that a higher being facilitates action when it comes to inner conflict. But for me this dream served as a confirmation that the higher self gives us the answer. The only thing is it may send a message in a way we least expect. This experience was a lucid one….

I left the light on in my room because as I had the intention to get up and do some of the paper work that needed to be done concerning the business that I will be starting up. If I turned off the light I wouldn’t be getting up until the morning. As I was laying down I don’t know if I was half asleep, but I kept hearing a voice, it sounded like it was originating from inside the room. It sounded like a radio. I didn’t have a radio in the room and the radio in the other room was not turned on. The voice sounded like a newsman giving a report; then I heard a hypnotic script being recited, after that I knew the pictures that I started to see were in a dream.

I saw someone that resembled a person that I had known in high school, that person’s name was G J whom I had not seen since 1984. In the dream he was the driver of a truck. The truck looked like a Pepsi or beer delivery truck. The truck was parked and had not moved in years. I had an extension cord connected to the truck; the truck’s battery was powering a radio. The radio was hooked up ever since the truck was parked. G came back on the scene, I do not remember why he decided to move the truck, but I had seen a building under construction, he was moving the truck in front of that building; he did not tell anybody that he was moving the truck; he just went in, started it up, and started to move it.

When the truck started to move the extension cord was still connected to it; the truck started to pull the extension cord and in turn the radio that was connected to it. I also saw that during the years that the truck was parked in the spot it was in other people had their extension cords connected to it. Their extension cords were being pulled along with mine. The truck uprooted everything that was connected to it. When the truck was parked on the other side of the street in front of the building under construction, I saw myself in front of the truck; then some debris from the constructed building that housed the uprooted equipment started to fall down; with each debris that fell I dodge it, then a pipe that resembled a water main pipe like the one that runs under the city street fell off the constructed building. I did not see the pipe falling, and then I heard the voice that I had the feeling that it came from within my sub-conscience; the voice said “watch out something is falling.”  I did not hesitate; when I received the message my hand immediately moved hand back and caught the pipe.

In the dream I never saw the pipe until I actually caught it. I was unaware the pipe was falling until my subconscious said something. Then I looked at G and said that “you should trust your subconscious; you saw what happened when I did.”

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