There are some things that may or may not qualify has a lucid dream. Yet when one engages in the practice of meditation or selfhypnosis subjective experiences similar to dreams may occur. In my experience I sometimes use meditation through the use of self-hypnosis to mimic sleep when I used to get a night’s sleep of four hours of less. You see I had a very hectic schedule at one point in my life. I’ve heard a saying that says 10 minutes of meditation equals one hour of sleep. I found that there is some validity in that statement.

This particular experience took place in the break room when I used to do security on the weekends….

While I was going through the motions of the self-hypnosis exercise; first the breathing exercise, and then the fixation technique; a fly was in the room, or at least I think it was; it kept landing on my arm and distracting me. It landed on my face when I was doing the count down and I had to move my face to get rid of it. Then I started to feel a tingling sensation in my arms;  then I saw a white light in front of me, at this point I thought I would be out of body, but the white light  faded away and all I saw after that white light faded was darkness. Then the light reappeared, when it did I saw a face. The face was not clear, I don’t know whose face it was, the face started to grin, it faded out and faded back in, it appeared as though someone had put lips in front of the face to hid the face’s real identity;  the face was smiling and grinning and then I saw letters, it spelled out a word;  the letters were clear, at that point I had a good mind to right the word down, another thought came to my mind this thought made me feel that writing out the word  doesn’t matter I can remember the spelling. At that point the face disappeared; all I could see was the white light. I felt as though I was getting up to go out of body, but something was preventing me from doing it. I decided to go upwards instead of forward; I went upwards and was successful of getting out of my body. When I was out of body, I was in the room I decided to see if I can open the door instead of going through it. I opened the door and went out to the hallway.  I went to the elevator, and I wanted to see if anybody or anything was waiting. I did not see any entities. I did see a plant. It was in a pot, the plant was moving, and I got tangled up in the branches. I pulled myself along the leaves, and went to the root, where I pulled each branch from the root, thus saving myself from being tangled up in the plant.

Would you believe that I never remembered what the word the letters spelled after I came out of this experience.

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