Ghosts on Madison

Working late at night in one of the commercial buildings could be an experience in itself. Some of those buildings are pretty old, and things are happening during twilight as well as prime time. Sometimes the buildings does not have to be old; there is a set of buildings that was built by the Kaufman brothers organization during the 1960’s on Madison Avenue and on Third Avenue. They are managed by the same management company and high and low level security was being provided by the same security company. There were cameras located inside the lobby and around the building’s perimeter and in the loading dock.

Madison ave building where paranormal activity occurs
Madison ave building where paranormal activity occurs

   On Saturdays at the Madison Ave building people who worked for their companies were usually out the latest by at least six-thirty to seven O’clock. By eight thirty the maintenance people leave. By that time the only person in the building is the lobby security. At nine O’clock the computer dims the lights in the lobby and common areas. So now you can imagine on a Saturday/Sunday night when it is dark outside, the lights in the building are at half illumination how eerie the atmosphere becomes. You are the only one in the building and the only link to the outside world is a desk telephone and your personal cell-phone. Then the unexplained activity begins. It was like now that everyday activity of the physical beings stopped. The activity of the extra-physical being begins.

First, you’ll start to hear an usual rush of wind between the entrance doors, The doors would rattle as though someone is pushing it to come in the building then the footsteps of the woman wearing high heels and the smell of perfume would walk past the guard station, and go around the corner to the elevators. The elevator doors open and hear the elevator operate.

Between nine-thirty and ten O’clock the CCTV cameras in the maintenance stock room that is located in the loading dock would show a man sitting in the chair that is in the room. Sometimes the apparition of the man would appear solid or he would appear transparent. If you take a hard look once, twice, but by the third glance he would disappear. However, it marks the start of consistence para-normal activity. The elevators would operate as though people are entering and exiting. The elevator monitors will show the elevators are moving. The cameras in the lobby were sensitive enough to show distortions and the outline of people entering and leaving the building. At the guard station with your head down reading a book, a presence of someone approaching the security desk is felt like someone is coming to ask a question, you look up and no one is there. Actually feeling your hair in the back of your neck stand up because your aura detects an unseen presence is an experience in itself.

g dolls

Then there is the store that sells dolls. The dolls face looks like it has a life of its own. The dolls face the guard station as though they are watching what takes place. Many guards refuse to work the post during the weekend evenings and overnight. It takes a special type of person who doesn’t mind being the only living person in the center of paranormal activity.

Third Avenue

3rd ave building where instances of paranormal activity occurs
3rd ave building where instances of paranormal activity occurs

Things are different at the third ave building. This building is located opposite the famous Kabblah center. The paranormal occurrence is not as consistence, but the eerie thing with this building is that disembodied voices are heard between the hours of 2:00am to 4:00am. The guard is the only one in the building all the doors locked. Then you hear a woman’s voice. She is giggling and laughing. It sounds as if the voice is in the air. Sometimes there is a sweat smell of perfume. The energy in the air feels thick. Well, the good thing is that spirit is easily warded off. That is if you stop shaking or being dumbfounded to tell it to buzz off. You can say “what the fuck….!” Or other things then the presence will disappear.

lobby of 3rd ave building
lobby of 3rd ave building



  1. Wow, how interesting! I doubt I could work alone in a place like that. I’d be chronically creeped out by all the goings-on, knowing it was paranormal activity. I suppose it is something one gets used to after a while. Count me well and truly spooked! And just in time for Halloween, too. lol

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    • The funny thing about being in the midst of the paranormal activity is that it didn’t occur to me that the unnatural was happening. I didn’t give it a second thought; then a couple days later it crosses my mine, like a delayed realization. Perhaps protection of the subconscious

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  2. When I was working in the downtown Chicago area on a Y2K project for ABN Amero(spelling may be wrong) we worked late into the evenings building mockups of their computer systems and running simulations on them. Was the only female in the entire building. Was a fun time. You would not believe how superstitious the guys were. Was easy to scare them and I was bored, so I played a lot of pranks on them. Hadn’t even reached 30 years old yet, so I was still a little girl to them.

    The building behaved like you described. Always sounded like people were coming up on the elevators, but if you went to look down the hall to see who came off them there was no one there. You got used to it. At least the trains still ran at that time of night to take me to and from work each day. Was safe to ride the trains back then. Wouldn’t try that today, though.

    Since 9/11/2001 the world has deteriorated so much! Can’t discuss faiths with others these days. Basically, can’t talk about anything any more without fear of offending someone. Fortunately, I don’t care if I offend someone by speaking what is on my mind. If I am wrong, I hope the other person will feel like they can correct me with proof. Then I will use that proof to correct my own words.

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    • yeah, the world has changed and religion is at the center of it. Lots of evidence of spirits of people linger on earth because the after life was not like it was described by their religious teachers; this is one reason you will never see me fight over religious preference….


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