Now after the use regular use of self-hypnosis and each time that self-hypnosis was practiced the out of body experiences started to increase. Even when I was on duty during the days as a National Guardsman where the environment that I had to deal with was not ideal to practice any type of relaxation techniques let alone practice self-hypnosis. But this did not deter me from finding a window where I could practice some self-hypnosis. In the long run it is a good that I did because it did cut down the stress and helped me relax after putting up with what comes with performing duty……

We had come in from patrol and was winding down to get some sleep. I took the opportunity to do self-hypnosis for relaxation before going to sleep. It was a little difficult to archive the state of seeing through the third eye or having the out of body experience. However, I did manage to reach the state where I was out of body. When I was out of body, I did not see the other people that were in the armory, also there was no sound; but the sight (scenery) was in color. I was wandering around the armory in my astral body. I went to the areas where I had been in the conscience state. I did not see the presence of any entities. However, I did run into one. When I went to the day room there was a man and he appeared to be angry. I saw that he threw a punch; I backed up; but did not go into fighting mode. Since this there was no sound in this particular experience there was no type of negotiation of reasoning with this entity. My thoughts was that the best defense at that time was to withdraw and go back to the physical body. While withdrawing back the man (the entity) did not follow……

Now if you noticed that I mentioned something about “seeing through the third eye.” Another phenomenon that started to happen around the time when the out of body experiences started was seeing things with a “third eye.” What I’m saying is that a non-physical representation of the environment that I was in could be seen. Everything that was in the physical environment could be seen; except there were slight variations, not a perfect picture. It was as though I was looking at another dimension. Maybe the slight variation in the non- physical representation of the environment revealed the imperfections in the physical environment…..

I consider it seeing through a third eye because physically both of my eyes are closed and after going into a relaxed state it was like a hole suddenly opened up in the middle of both eyes slightly above the nose bridge.

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