The Entities

contact entity

When I watch a paranormal realty show like John Edwards where he goes in a semi trance state and claims that entities are attempting to make contact with him and he picks out someone from the audience and tells them the name of a loved one and tell them what the loved one said. I used to think that stuff like making contact with entities in that manner was staged. That was until I experienced it for myself…..

I was waiting for my friend F.M to pick me up; we were going to a computer fair. While waiting I decided to do some meditation using the self-hypnosis technique. I used a simple technique of focusing on a specific object. I was curious to see if this will open up the so called third eye, or if I would have another out of body experience. I decided to focus on the light cord. I fixed my eyes on the light cord and counted down to get in a trance state. When I reached the trance state I found that I did not experience the third eye opening, nor did I have an out of body experience. However I did get an experience that I least expected; I actually made contact with entities. It marked the first time that this happened while doing meditation.

There were four of them, two males, and two females. They were friendly, they were telling me things. Unfortunately I am unable to recall what information was given to me; what I do remember was that I asked them for their names and they told me.

I recall that both of the male’s names began with a U and sounded African. The females referred to themselves as Miss. before they said who they were. I can only remember the name of one of the females as Miss. Mason. I thought I had a pen and pad and written down the names, but this was not the case; the thought might have crossed my mind while I was in the trance state, and I even remembered telling the entities to wait while I get something to write down their names. Yet, it seemed one of the male entities did not want his name to be written down; while the female entities had suggested it would be better if I wrote down their names. A pen and pad did materialize in my hands and the names were written down. But in physical reality I did not make any move to get that pen or pad, so when I came out of the trace state I found that I physically had no pen or pad and I could not recall both of the male’s names I only remembered it sounded African and began with a U; and the only name from the females that I remembered was Miss. Mason.

My thoughts after this experience was that I should have a pen and pad ready and attempt to write down any information that I can while in trance of it is at all possible to do….

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