The Chakras The Body’s Source of Energy

Without energy, nothing would exist on the physical plane, every living being on the physical plane process energy. In the case of the human being, we have numerous energy centers located on our physical body. We also have energy centers that are not located on the physical body. The energy centers have been documented throughout history by the Eastern cultures and in the Theosophical occult writings. It is just recently that the Western cultures have started to pay attention to the human energy centers. The name given to these energy centers are called “Chakras.” There are twelve major chakras; all but three are located on the physical body. There is also numerous energy exchange ports located on the physical body. The charkas are continuously developing and they reprocess themselves every seven years from the time that they first start to develop.


Human beings are spiritual, as well as material and have the capacity to exist on the physical plane and in the extra-physical planes (astral plane) simultaneously. Additionally energy is the key resource to attract, repel or attack malevolent spirits, energy vampires as well as physical people.

What are Charkas?

A question comes to mind, what are charkas? What are their function and purpose? How do I know they exist? Well, to answer these questions, charkas are a word that refers to spinning wheels of light particles. They are often described as vortices which is located at specific points on the human body, acting as the doorway revolving between our material and spiritual selves, as well as between the material and spiritual words (astral planes, extra physical world, etc). The shape of the charkas is like spirals, the point rooted in the central nervous system at the spine, and the vortex or wide part passing through the dense body at the front.” The function and purpose of the charkas seem to regulate the human body’s various energy points that promote a healthy body and mind. It also serves to regulate the separation process that happens when we are projecting.


The charkas act as recording centers. They imprint information that occurs within our present life, and it is said that they carry information that stemmed from a past life. I personally know people that practice the holistic techniques of detecting and clearing the charkas. Those same people have helped me clear my own charkas at times, plus the numerous energy exercises exist and that I have practiced and the subjective experience and astral projection that happens as a result of that practice only confirms the existence.

Root Charka

The first major charka is called the “root charka,” It is located in the genital area at the base of the spine. The color associated with this charka is red. The root charka develops between the time that we spend in the womb, and six months after birth. The root charka is the source of our passion, and primal feelings, which includes survival energy, and the material energy for achieving what we think is our purpose for existence. It is said that the root charka is fed by “fire energy,” from within and outside of us, meaning it is probably associated with our primal instinct to achieve/survive no matter what. It is the recipient charka for “kundalini,” the raw energy from the earth feeding our life force, and assuring our survival. It is linked to our sexuality, and core issues regarding emotional and physical security. Core issues could be and not limited to family issues, career issues, addictions, primal feelings. It vibrates at a lower frequency, because it is primary associated with our survival on the physical plane. It brings together the energy that enables us to realize our physical dreams and needs. In essence the root charka serves as the foundation for our life experience.

Abdomen Charka

The second major charka is located in the abdomen. The color associated with this charka is orange. The second charka develops between the ages of six months and two years, six months. It is the center of our feelings and creativity. We understand our reaction of our inner and outer worlds through this charka. It is also linked to the intestines, abdominal organs and the female reproductive system.
This charka contains our feeling bodies, which operates independently. The charka also channels feeling frequencies from outside the body and from the extra physical dimensions. The location of the backside is located in the lower back area. This charka serves as our feeling template.

Solar plexus Charka

The third major charka is located at the solar plexus. Also called the solar plexus charka it is commonly called the “power center,” it is developed between the ages of two years, six months and four years, six months, it is highly complex. The color of this charka is yellow. It functions as the storage house for judgments, opinions, and beliefs that we think about ourselves, and the world that we revolve around, it enables us to have that measure of self- esteem and self confidence that we have developed. It also stores and implements biases that we have about others and ourselves. This charka also affects our thinking process, attitudes, and the intuitive process of mental empathy. It also helps us gain control of our physical functions, and developing the mind/body connection. You can say it is the source of cognition. Here we usually find the energy to make the decisions that we make in life.
The backside of this charka is located in the middle of the back; it serves as the template of our intelligence.

Heart Charka

The fourth major charka is located at the heart. This charka develops between the ages of four years, six months and six years, six months. It has three colors, green, pink, and gold. This is because when the heart evolves, there is a change in psychic energies. At birth the color is green; this indicates an inborn healing ability and energy. During the productive adult years, it is pink a combination of the white color of purpose, and the red color from the root charka indicating passion. The final color is gold, the color of universal love it is something that one has to achieve before the color of this charka assumes the gold color. Anyway, the source of energy that is associated with the heart charka is healing, our innermost desires, and our dreams. The heart charka also connects to the astral plane, which also could be the world of our dreams. The heart charka is the integration point for the seven charkas located on the physical body.
The backside of the heart charka is located at the upper back. It serves as the portal to the soul. It is also the entry point for all of our physical actions we feel that we are called upon to do. It receives love without judgment; it is the access for mental energies that are pure and simple. Here the conditional belief systems of the lower charkas, meets the unconditional belief system of the upper charkas. In all essence, the heart charka is the seat of our hearts desires and the ability to relate.

Throat Charka

The fifth major charka is located in the throat. Developing between the ages of six years, six months and eight years, six months, the color associated with this charka is blue. It is the source of truth and the seat of wisdom and responsibility. The function of this charka helps us communicate through our verbal expressions, and allows us to speak and hear our own voice in our heads. It is said that the soul speaks verbally or psychically through this charka, helping us to create the circumstances necessary for us to achieve a purpose. It serves as the entry point for positive or negative guidance.
The backside of this charka is located at the back of the neck. Without this side of the charka no one would know that you exist. The backside is the center which we channel thoughts, ideas, and concepts, from other beings, and in other dimensions, as well as from ourselves. It also serves as a doorway, if the door is left wide open we invite all sorts of other people (physical and extra physical beings), this can potential cause problems. In essence this charka serves as the center self-directed fate.

Third Eye

The sixth major charka is called “the third eye.” The location of this charka is on the forehead. Developing between the ages of eight years, six months and fourteen years; the color associated with this charka is purple. It is the source of insight, and the seat of visions, and visioning, drawing its energy from the seventh charka and the brain. This charka helps us see events, ideas, pictures, etc., from the past, present, and future. It also contains feelings of the self, and self-image, as well as the gender and the gender’s capabilities.
The backside of this charka is located at the back of the head. It is the center for creative visualization; it also affects our inner and outer vision. The charka is the seat of self-creation.


The seventh major charka is called the crown charka; it is located at the part of the head called the crown, or baby’s soft spot. It develops between the ages of fourteen years, and twenty-one years. The color that is associated with this charka is white. Often called the source of our divine awareness, its energy is ketheric, a form of materialized energy that originates beyond the earth’s time continuum. Even though it develops during the years that I have mentioned, the crown charka is actually activated when we are born. The spiritual energy from our higher self enters our body through the crown charka.
The backside of this charka is not located on the physical body. It is the point where we can connect to all living beings, physical, or extra-physical. In essence it is the seat of wholeness.

Personal Akashic Records

The eighth charka is not located on the physical body; it is located at least one inch above the head. The color associated with this charka is silver, or ultra violet The developing periods are at the ages of twenty-one years and twenty- eight years, at those ages all karmic beliefs should have been activated, as well as issues regarding ones past life. It is said this charka is where our personal akashic records are held. The akashic is the energy that holds the records of all our experience, what we have seen felt and heard, our habits, where we have been, knowledge that we had acquired, etc, during our existence; not only during our present time, but also during our past lives. Accessing this charka will tell us all we need to know about ourselves. It regulates our density points, the decisions that we made regarding life’s event during our intermission period before being reborn.

Soul Charka

The ninth charka is called the soul charka, the location of this charka is approximately one arm’s length above the head, the color associated with this charka is gold, or infrared. The developing ages are between twenty-eight years, and thirty-five years. At which time major soul beliefs are awaken regarding a person’s life purposes and tasks. It is the source of creation, and change energy, where master plans are seeded. It is the seat of our personal symbols, and archetypes, as well as being the template for the soul.


The tenth charka also called the grounding charka is located about one and a half to four inches under the feet. The development stage starts from our pre-conception and conception, and thirty-five years to forty-two years. The color associated with this charka are the earth tone colors, such as brown, mauve, olive green limestone yellow, obsidian and olive green. To be grounded means that we are fully attached to the earth and we are in our body. It is the source of daily life energy, daily cleansing energy, and the energy that is needed to spiritualize the body. It is the seat of everyday life energy and information. It helps move the spirit into form, and grounds the soul enabling us to have the ability to get the elemental energy needed to manifest our bodies, dreams and desires.

Hand Palm & Feet Sole

The eleventh charka is not talked about very much, but I have I felt it important enough to mention. This charka is located at two points, in our hand palms, and in the sole of our feet. The color associated with this charka is pink; with this charka we can take in or absorb external physical and emotional energy and transmute it into other forms (changing negative energy into positive energy). Basically it is the source of energy transference, and an entry point for receiving or sending energy that is designed to meet our needs, one could say it is the seat of the transmutation for physical energy.

32-Point Connection

The twelfth charka is unlike the rest; this charka is actually a collection of thirty-two points on the body and in the aura. All located on the body, except for the thirty-second point, which is the center of earth. Each of these points relate to one of the primary charkas, as well as being located at a specific point on the spinal column. This charka ensures our connection between the natural forces and our own bodies. The thirty-two points are as follows:

1) Legs

2) buttocks,

3) coccyx,

4) sacral vertebrae,

5) lumbar vertebrae,

6) thoracic (dorsal) vertebrae,

7) cervical vertebrae,

8) cranium,

9) silver cord to the soul (back of the neck at the start of the spinal column),

10) bubbling springs in the feet,

11) ankles,

12) knees,

13) thighs,

14) hip bones,

15) navel and sexual organs,

16) appendix,

17) kidneys and adrenals,

18) large and small intestines,

19) pancreas,

20) liver,

21) gall bladder,

22) spleen,

23) stomach,

24) diaphragm and lungs,

25) arms,

26) bubbling springs in the palms,

27) wrists,

28) elbows,

29) clavicle,

30) throat (including larynx, thyroid, and tongue,

31) upper brain (spiritually oriented functions involving cerebrum, pineal, pituitary, hypothalamus, and thalamus glands),

32) center of the earth.


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