Demonology: Origins of The Demonic

I’d like to deviate and talk a little bit about the class of malevolent spirits that we call demonic. Information about the demonic as we know it comes from a branch of Theology called Demonology. Now we need to keep in mind that every belief system has their version of Theology and branch of Demonology and the way of dealing with the demonic is in accordance with that belief system. Since people involved in paranormal investigations come across the demonic and regular Joes who inadvertently invite the demonic into their lives it is prudent to learn something about them so that steps can be taking to deal with them and to avoid inviting them into our lives. This can be done through the study of the tactics and doctrines of the demonic. Before we’ll get into that, let’s look at theories concerning the origins of the demonic.

Fallen Angels

The origin theories of demons all cite fallen angels. The theory of fallen angels is derived purely from religious text. The text cites a struggle between a higher authority being god and his angels and insurgents who were Satan and his followers who were also angels. The insurgents were defeated and caste down to the earth. Satan’s followers are now referred to as fallen angels. There is no scientific evidence nor is it based on historical fact. The acceptance of this theory rides alone on the faith of a belief system. Yet all the theories on demons cite fallen angels.


The Pre-Adamic perspective suggests that after Satan rebelled and was banished. His group of fallen angels forced the animals that inhabited the earth to cross breed. The crossbreeding and satanic manipulation of the animal instincts resulted in a creation of humanoid species that was fully intelligent. The humanoid species were neither man nor animal. The theory goes on to suggest that god created man to wage war and to destroy the humanoid species that Satan created. Upon the destruction of the humanoid species, man took charge of the earth.

Lilith: Queen of Demons

The second speculative theory is the story of Lilith. Lilith is considered to be the queen of demons because she is their mother. The story of Lilith comes from the occult knowledge of the Kabbalah. The story asserts that Adam was created with two sets of sexual organs, one male and one female which cause him to split. The creation of Lilith was the result. Lilith was separated from Adam through his belly button. The story further explains that Lilith gained wings which are a unique feature for a human. Since she had wings she had the ability to fly. The relationship between Adam and Lilith was a combative battle of the sexes because both would fight over dominance. Whoever won became the dominate sex. During sexual intercourse, the fight over dominance continued, as a result Lilith stopped the reproduction process with Adam. She flew out of the Garden of Eden and landed at the banks of the Red Sea where she met Samuel who was a fallen Angel. Lilith married Samuel. During the marriage Samuel allowed Lilith to have extra marital affairs with other fallen angels. During the extra marital affairs Lilith would become pregnant, and after she gave birth she would kill the child which allowed the child’s spirit to roam the earth.


The Antediluvian theory suggests that demons are the disembodied spirits of a race called the “Nephilim.” The story tells us that a group of fallen angels that were called “The Watchers” came to earth to live out a carnal existence. While on earth they took human females as their wives. The human females gave birth to children that grew to become giants. The Watchers also indulged in acts of bestiality which produced monstrous beings. The giants who were half human and half Watcher and the monstrous beings that were half animal and half watcher were called the Nephilim. Man was faced with extension because of the existence of the Nephilim. There was an intervention and arch angels were sent to wage war on the Nephilim. The arch angels slaughtered them all. Then the flood came and cleansed the earth. After the flood the disembodied spirits of the Nephilim began to walk the earth as evil spirits.

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