The Procession


At this point I have put the body under stress. I’ve been lifting weights every day and it was around the time that the Twin Towers fell after being hit by the most infamous terrorist attack in history. After that I spent the next two weeks on State active duty dealing with the circus of the relief efforts. It wasn’t all bad because there were some groups that offered free massages who set up shop at the relief stations which I took advantage and got a massage every day; which provided some relief from the stress of the environment. There was even someone doing Reiki I found this interesting, this person was doing energy work without physically touching the subject. So I gave it a shot and found the relaxation that I’ve seen the other subjects experience legitimate. The Reiki practitioner told me that my energy is pretty good. Then at dawn it was back to the 145th st Armory in Harlem.

Before I went to sleep, I decided to do the hypnosis exercise, I had a fixation on one of the Armory’s lights. I counted backwards from 25-1 two times; I felt a tingling sensation like the one that I felt before while doing the self-hypnosis exercise. I wanted to go to the point that I could see out of that third eye; this did not happen when I wanted it to happen. I had to wait; but slowly the opening came. I had to allow it to open up gradually. The opening was in a fragile state, being in an open bay where there is no privacy; I had to concentrate harder, because if my mind wandered, the opening would begin to close. After a while the opening became stable. At that moment I was out of body. The different thing about this experience was that I had seen a few of the soldiers that were asleep in their cots. As of this day I had not experience seeing another human being when I reached the out of body stage. However, I did not see everyone that was there, I only saw a few people. As usually there was no sound, I could only see and feel. I went out of the sleeping area and out to the main passage. My main objective was to see if I could make contact with any of the entities that were there. I went through the main floor, made a left and went down stairs to the mess area. When I was going down stairs I saw two women; they were heavily built black women, I felt it was a factor to pay attention to the race because the Armory is the historic home of the “Harlem Hell Cats” WWI 369 infantry. I had the hope to make contact with any entity that was affiliated with that unit during the Great War.

The women coming up the stairs were walking in a line, one after the other; they were not close together, but a few feet apart. I looked at their faces, it looked as though they were moaning. I thought that by the way they were walking, they were a funeral procession, and that they had just come from viewing a body. I decided to go to the room where the women came from. On my way I saw a third woman, she was much younger, slimmer and attractive. She did not resemble the type of woman I prefer; however, she was acceptable. She made a gesture that she wanted me to touch her physically. I hugged her and she took me to a corner of the room and started to motions for sexual activity. Physically I felt a response to the action that was taken place, At that moment the hypnotic trance was over, and I was back in body.

After a few minutes I had repeated the process of the hypnotic induction over again. I could not reach the stage where I could go out of body. I went and I showered up and when I came back to my cot I repeated the process again, but it was unresponsive……

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  1. Yeah, that is why I did not mention her, I was counting her as a separate phenomenon. 😉

    Were the women dressed for the time period or another time period, and what were they wearing?

    Thank you,
    -John Jr

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  2. Hello True George,

    Do you think that it is possible that the line of women that you saw was an echo (moment) from the past that was imprinted in the building somehow and you were just able to see it in that moment?

    Thank you for sharing your experience,
    -John Jr

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