The Blind Man

blind man

Riding the subways in this town we call the Big Apple that is New York City you bear witness to all sort of things that one couldn’t make up even if they wanted to make something up. But sometimes when the antagonist and the aggressor clash they inadvertently Tame each other. Things get serious but suddenly things get calm.

It begins with the train pulling into a station. People got off and other people got on. While the other people got on the train a blind man walks up feeling his way towards the train doors. This blind man was pretty good, he does not have a Seeing Eye dog; he only has his trusty walking stick. When the blind man approached the train doors and started to board the train. Someone took a hold of the blind man’s hand and helped the blind man through the door. When the dude held the bind man’s arm to help him through the train doors the blind man said, “Take your dam hands off me,” the dude was shocked and walked away. Then someone else that was coming into the train car decided to help the blind man. He attempted to guide the blind man to an empty seat; the blind man said “get the away from me asshole.” Then a lady asked “why are you so rude?” The blind man said, “Mind your fucking business;” the lady responds, “fuck you,” the blind man responds “fuck you too,” someone else responded “later for that dumb ass.” The blind man responded “fuck ya’ll just because I’m blind it doesn’t mean I’m helpless, and I don’t need anyone’s help.”  Then a man who was sleeping at the end of one of the seats wakes up. It looked like he was tired going home after work and the commotion took him out of his brief slumber. When he awoke he shouted at the top of his lungs “shut the fuck upppp!” Then the blind man shouted, “no you shut the fuck up.”  Then the man said look, “I’m tired and I don’t want to hear any noise;” the blind man responded “Mind your dam business;” then the man said “I’m going to stab the next person who says something.” The blind man responded “shut up and go back to sleep.. The man said “motherfucker I’m going to stab you.” As he was saying those words he got up and pulled a knife out of his pocket. By that time everyone else in the train car was like oh shit it’s going down. The people who were next to the blind man all melted away like cowards and went to other areas of the train car, leaving the blind man isolated; the man got up with a mean look on his face, armed with his knife he approached the blind man adamant that he is going stab him. The blind man could feel the rage and the man approaching, and he suddenly became speechless. When the man got to the blind man ready to plunge the knife in the blind man’s body; he suddenly stopped and said “oh shit, I’m sorry, I didn’t know you are blind.”  The man felt embarrassed and went back to his seat and by the way his head was hanging down he probably felt a bit smaller. So now the blind man realized that he would have been toast if it wasn’t for his disability. The blind man also realized the error of his ways, cussing out people who were only trying to help. If he didn’t want the help he should have just said thanks but no thanks instead.

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