Cloaked Ship


What comes to mind when one thinks of the word Cloaked? No, it isn’t Dracula, obviously one of the things is Star Trek; in particular when Captain Kirk stole a cloaking device from a Romluan War Bird. Then some years later there was an incident when Captain Picard came to aid of another Romluan War Bird after it was stranded after an experimental new improved cloaking device that they were testing exploded. The improvement on the cloaking device was that it would allow a star ship to phase through solid matter. Do you think that the writers in Hollywood made this stuff up?  I could assure you that maybe they made up the story line but they did not make up the concept of a cloaking device or that a ship could phase through solid matter while being cloaked. This leads me to the other thing that comes to mind when thinking of the word cloak it is the Philadelphia Experiment.

During World War II the United States military carried out various secret experiments based on Einstein’s theories the most infamous one among others was the Manhattan Project which was the development of the Atomic Bomb. Another well-known secret experiment was the Philadelphia Experiment. The actually location of the experiment was in the Landing, Pennsylvania  shipyard which is not too far from Philadelphia. The goal of the Philadelphia Experiment was to render a Naval Vassal invisible or to evade radar detection. However the results that were attained were nothing that was expected.  It is said that the experiment was carried out on the destroyer USS Eldridge but the actual ship that was involved in the experiment was a mind sweeper, the name of that ship remains classified. Evidence has collaborated that the USS Eldridge was nowhere near the East coast during the time when the experiment took place. When the crew of the USS Eldridge was quizzed and interviewed over the years none of them remembered taking part in such an experiment. According to reports from Lieutenant Colonel Philip Corso in order to protect the story of events the USS Eldridge was named as the ship.

By all accounts the experiment was supposed to wrap the ship in an electromagnetic bottle that would have made it invisible to the naked eye and the electromagnetic waves would absorbed or deflect the radar waves. The generation of the electromagnetic waves was done by placing massive tesla coils. One was mounted on the forward stern and the other in the rear. The generators were called degaussers. When the generators were activated there were some unforeseen effects. Once the electromagnetic field’s strength increased it extended at least 100 yards away from the ship. The electromagnetic waves formed a large sphere around the ship and a greenish haze formed that overshadowed the ship’s view. The only sight of the ship was the outline of ship’s hull. Then to everyone’s amazement the entire ship vanished.

The ship did not just vanish as to become invisible to the naked eye. The ship vanished as in disappeared out of thin air. The ship reappeared not in the Landing, Pennsylvania ship yard but 400 miles away in Norfolk, Virginia. Then after a few minutes the ship reappeared back to the Landing, PA shipyard. The Navy discovered that the ship teleported from one location to another something unexpected. Yet, there were other discoveries that were made and it all wasn’t a good thing for the ship’s crew.

The experiment made the ship shift out of phase from the physical world. Being out of phase with the physical was one of the factors that made the dematerialization of the ship happen. But while the ship dematerialized the crew found that they could walk through solid objects like walls and close doors while the ship was being transported. Once the ship reappeared at the starting point and the electromagnetic field was turned off; the Navy found that crew members were embedded in the ship’s bulkheads, decks and railings. For the surviving crew members, the nightmare wasn’t over.

Upon witnessing the gruesome fate of their ship mates some of the surviving crew developed mentally ill conditions and in the true nature of the military they were admitted to psychiatry facilities and medically discharged. Several of the crew just simply vanished, just disappeared out of thin air; there was one crew member who was eating dinner with his family, he got up from around the table and walked through a wall and was never seen again. Other crew members developed a state that is called “freeze.”

A ’Freeze,” is when the crew member would fade from visual view; no one could see  them except for the crew that survived the experiment. The crew member in the freeze cannot move, speak or affect his surrounding environment. At first the effects of the condition lasted for a few minutes to hours. After a while the effects progressed to days or months and the condition became known as a “deep freeze.” Other terms used include ‘Caught in the Flow’, ‘Caught in the Push’, ‘Get Stuck’, ‘Go Blank’, ‘Hell Incorporated’ or ‘Stuck in Molasses. This condition also contributed to the mental deterioration of the crew member. Supposedly the Navy discontinued research of radar and optical evasion; it is speculated the research discontinued because of the harmful effects that was occurring among the Sailors that was involved.

What was unknown to the U.S was that Nazi Germany was on the fore front of radar evading technology but that is another story for another time…..

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  1. Hello True George,

    Thank you for sharing this, I have heard bits and pieces about this over the years, and I remember The X-Files having maybe two episodes that were possibly partly inspired by this:

    -John Jr


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