Science of Astral Projection

Learning to astral project was a journey in itself. It all started during the time I was doing weekend security work in a haunted building; the characters of guards that use to be on the second shift were pretty colorful. They used to talk about the type of dreams they had, and to an extent they described the process, feelings and experience of having an out of body experience (OBE). At that point in time I had not yet experienced a lucid OBE, so I thought those guys were off their rocker. Now that I’m reflecting on this experience it brings up some questions. How is it that the guards assigned to the building on the same shift on different occasions; they did not know each other, yet all spoke about their lucid dreaming and OBE’s? I wonder,it’s not like the security company hired and placed people at a location based on having similar subjective experiences. I ask myself what are the odds? As previously explained ( I had my first lucid OBE while doing self-hypnosis. After that I started having regular spontaneous OBE and lucid dreaming became more profound. These experiences prompted me to start gathering information on anything to do with astral projection; this led me to a group of Brazilian people presiding over an organization called the International Institute of Projectology and Conscientiology (IIPC). Yes, it’s hard to believe that there are Brazilians who have interests other than soccer, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & no rules fighting. The people that are involved in the group are interesting. I’ve had some interesting experiences and learned a lot while taking part in the activities. The IIPC has grown and evolved and is now known as the International Academy of Consciousness (IAC), (

Consciental Paradigm

  Conscientology is the study of conscious. The consciousness denotes the soul, self, ego and human essence. However, the IAC expand beyond the boundaries of conventional science. The IAC also study bio-energy (Chi, Prana) in other words the life force. They also consider the non-physical realities of life. Projectology, the study of projection is a sub-discipline of Conscientology. The focus of Projectology is on the production and study of the OBE. The IAC finds that this is an essential component in developing self-awareness and multi-dimensional awareness. This science is based on the concept of Consciental Paradigm ( All evidence is gathered through self-experimentation. 

First controlled OBE

I was attending the third level of the course taught by the International Institute of Projectiology and Conscientiology (IIPC), as we started the practical exercise we first performed the energy exercises. The basic movement of energy, the circulation and the exteriorization and absorption of the energy, then we had laid out the mattress on the floor, the instructor suggested using the “Elongation” method. The elongation method is when you imagine the energetic body limbs stretched out beyond normal limits. Imagine that the feet stretched out, and then imagine the head stretched out, and imagine the arms stretched out. The technique is supposed to provoke the energetic body to leave the body. As I was lying on the floor doing the steps what the instructor had proposed I had felt that it was not working because nothing was happening. I decided to work on the energy exercise. I relaxed the body and was performing the circulation of energy. While I was doing the energy exercise I saw a woman come into the room she put her mattress on the floor above my head, then I saw another person come into the room, it was another woman she was wearing a red top. The women asked if I had my experience yet. Then she put her mattress next to me. Afterwards some other people came into the room; they put their mattresses around the room. The room was full of people, and the last person came in; there was not enough room for her to put her mattress down. She ended up finding a small space; she put her legs across mine. At that point I thought that the instructor was crazy, to let all these people come into the room. Then I opened my eyes to call the instructor. When my eyes opened I saw that there were only the students and the instructor in the room. I realized that I was having an experience. I had closed my eyes again, I tried to get back into the state I was in when I saw the people come into the room. However, their images just faded away. I just went back to doing the energy circulation; I figured that I might as well do that until the time was up. Then I felt liquid pouring out of my left ear; I knew that there is a presence of extra physical beings in the room. I had changed my position, from lying flat on the back to lying on my side. Afterwards, I felt two beings hold up my upper body. One had the left, and the other had the right. The a third being picked up my legs, I was in the air; they started to take me outside. My lower body was outside the window, I could hear the traffic in the street, and I could feel the wind. Then they had changed their mind. Instead of taking me outside they had me floating around the room. I saw a mirror, I directed the flow towards the mirror, because I wanted to see what the beings looked like. The beings would not allow me to see them; they had directed me from the mirror. There was a doorway leading into the next room. I had sensed that we were blocked from entering the next room. Then I saw a bucket with IV tubes, I saw IV tubes on the floor, so I started picking them up and throwing them in the bucket. I floated above the one of the female student’s head; I saw two IV tubes sticking out of her head. The IV tube had black liquid inside. I knew it didn’t belong there, so I removed them from her head and I threw it into the bucket. After that I heard the instructor say that we will be ending the session. Then I was placed back into the body. When I returned to the body, it was about five to ten minutes after that the instructor called the session to an end.

Analysis of the Experience

The beings that had picked me up and took me out of the body were the helpers.
The people that came into the room were people that died and passed over to the extra physical world. Those extra physical people may still think and act as they did when they were alive. For some reason they did not pass over they might have realized that they needed help to pass over. They had come into the room to wait for the helpers to take them where they are supposed to go. The woman student said that she did not have an experience; she was surprised when I told her that she had the IV tubes sticking out of her head.


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