Near Death Experience


Near Death Experience (NDE) has been getting a lot of attention since the movie Heaven is for Real; the movie is based on a book of the same title that was on the New York Times best seller list. NDE is also an out of body experience (OBE); an astral projection. The only difference is that the NDE is a projection that is manifest in a forced manner when the person is in crises. The crises can range from the trauma of an accident, being in a coma, and flat lining during surgery, moribund patients of the terminal ill and survivors of those pronounced clinical dead.

Some people who have been rescued from certain death at the last minute by means of resuscitation have reported similar characteristics of NDE. For example their perceptions became enhanced. There is a sensational feeling of being separated from the physical body and feeling some sort of being detached, followed by the sensation of floating.

 They become aware of an altered state of existence perhaps realization that what they were taught about life after death defers from what they are experiencing. The speed of thoughts and time perception becomes altered; the concept of time as we know it changes, either becoming slower or faster. Perhaps a questioning of programed beliefs such as the concept of god, religious convictions and other taboo subjects that were not questioned by them before. There is a sense of losing control over their fate; like feeling fear that the team working to resuscitate the physical body may sever the silver cord and apprehension of what will take place if the silver cord is served. They may recall everything that they have experienced in life and relive those memories. They will often have a moment (before being resuscitated) of transcendence of self- identity; for instance exceeding the limitations they had when it comes to maturity, self-worth, gender identification etc.

Now one must  keep in mind that the NDE varies for each person and some people may experience something that is unique to him/her. The above mentioned characters are just some of the common ones that was reported by individuals that experienced the NDE.

It is ironic that people will pay attention to things after Hollywood makes some type of production about that particular subject; or someone inks a best seller. Hollywood has made two popular productions about NDE, both based on bestselling books written about the authors who have experienced NDE.

The first one was produced in 1978 a documentary called Beyond and Back:

The other one produced in 2014 as mentioned above Heaven is for Real:


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