Silver Cord


The silver cord is the semi material attachment that keeps the astral body linked to the physical body, with an initial connection from the physical body to the astral body.. It has its roots within the physical cells, however it manifests energetically, and transcends the limits of dense matter that make up the physical body. Without the existence of the silver cord, we would not be able to project; the silver cord is also instrumental to the physical body’s death. There are some characteristics that make up the anatomy of the silver cord. In fact if you think about it; you may come to the conclusion that the silver cord is similar to an umbilical cord. Inside the umbilical cord there are numerous blood vassals transporting oxygen rich blood and nutrition to the fetus, while the fetus heart pumps the deoxygenated nutrition depleted blood back through the umbilical cord. The umbilical cord also provides an emotional connection as well as some sort of communication between mother and fetus.

In the case of the silver cord it is connected to the physical and astral bodies; however instead of oxygen rich and deoxygenated blood being exchanged it is energy.  The cord has many branches, and countless connections, that come together to form a main connection. The connections resemble mini cords that are connected to all of the various organs and energy centers throughout the physical body, which in turns energizes the astral body with emotions, feelings and transferring the senses which we use in our everyday life experiences. While the astral body will send back an energy feedback to allow us to get the full effect of sensual experience as well as an emotional connection to whatever is experienced on the astral planes. The cord is has a color that varies from person to person, it is white and has a phosphorescent shine, hence, the name “silver cord.” Like the physical body, its strength varies being stronger or weaker according to the age and energetic development of the person.

Some projectors have claimed that they saw and examined their silver cord; however other projectors reported that they have not seen their silver cord, but sensed its presence. While many other projectors do not believe that the silver cord exists because they have never seen it or have not felt a sense of its presence. The characteristics of the silver cord from what has been reported by some projectors can be identified though three distinct observations.  First, the projector is able to observe and examine their silver cord. However it is difficult of the projector to do so. The second observation is that it is rare that the astral projector detect the presence of another astral projector’s silver cord. The third observation is that even though some astral projectors have seen the silver cords of more than one astral projector; it is extremely rare that a projector observed more than one person’s silver cord simultaneously.

People who have experienced a near death experience (NDE) have witnessed seeing their silver cord. One should note that the difference between NDE and OBE is that in the NDE the person is projected in a forced manner as a result of trauma; whether the trauma was experienced in an accident or on a Surgeon’s table. Those that experienced a NDE during surgery have reported feeling fear that the surgical team may inadvertently sever the silver cord.   Serving the silver cord results in separation of the physical and astral bodies, once separated the physical body will die.

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